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How To Take Sovereignty Over Your Health with Justin from Extreme Health Radio

How To Take Sovereignty Over Your Health with Justin from Extreme Health Radio


Want to take sovereignty over your health?  Curious what that means or how to start?  You're going to want to listen in to this episode with our guest, the OG podcaster extraordinaire of Extreme Health Radio as he chats with our host, Charles Barber (CEO and Founder of Crucial FOUR) on tips and the importance of being sovereign over your own health and many other topics in between. 

Justin says, "I'm just an average ordinary guy who's absolutely fascinated with how things work.  When I was 21 back in 1995 my mom was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma given less than a 5% chance of survival. I was only out of high school a couple years trying to make my way in the world and the bottom fell out."

This experience thrust him into a deep dive into the health and wellness space.  Justin is a wealth of information and has a lofty library of guests he's interviewed on his website. 

Hang tight as they jump right in, there's no small talk in this big interview!  

Show Topics:

  • Gardening: you don't have to be perfect to get started
  • What sovereignty really takes
  • The reason health matters (probably not what you think)
  • Tap into your intuition
  • Cognitive dissonance in the health field

Show Links:

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Crucial Takeaways:

34:16 - Charles speaks on being sovereign

"Being a sovereign, isn't gimme, gimme, gimme, life's easy, new age bull****. Being sovereign is taking responsibility. It's standing up, it's it's taking your five gallon jugs to get filled up with water like we did back in the day. Now we filtered all, but you know what I mean? It was that commitment to like, make sure we got some of these basic things we all take for granted at the highest quality. That was kind of a pain in the a** to do. You know, that's what it takes to be, you know, is it takes hard work, it takes calluses."

34:54 - Justin speaks on being sovereign

"Totally. And you know what, too? Like, as far as like taking sovereignty, I know for me, what's helped a lot is like the idea of just of taking responsibility for things that are not your responsibility and saying sorry and coming to any situation in life with a remedy. And so that is like people that are sovereign, our people that come with a remedy and people that take responsibility."

42:09 - Why health matters

"So for me, like health, I'm not really that interested in health, you know, I'm interested in what health allows me to do and that allows me to live the kind of life that I want to live. It allows me to play with my kids. It allows me to live a long time so I can be there for them. It allows me to start businesses or help people in some way make change in the world. I mean, for me to be obsessed about health to me is a little bit overboard. I just like what health brings me and I want that. And so I do all the things that I can every day."

1:13:30 - It's okay to change your mind as you grow & learn

"...and the growth comes in, is learning and not identifying with what you learn and what and if what you learn happens to be like so much a part of you, that if it is proven wrong later on in life or later on in your research, then somehow you have to like step away from everything, you know? It's like, no, it's okay. I was wrong, you know? And you know, and here's what I was reading that made me think that way. And it's okay to be wrong and, you know, and just constantly because, you know, as someone who has the same message for like 20 years in the health field, to me, I either they're not researching or they're not growing or or they don't want to because it affects their bottom line."

What Justin Does Every Day Feels Limitless:

  • Prioritizes sleep
  • Optimizes his water
  • Regulates his light environment
  • Gardening
  • Takes responsibility for his own health

Justin's favorite Crucial FOUR product:

What's up next for Justin:

  • Creating guides on what he'd do for specific conditions/situations, soon available on his Patreon
Watch the full episode here!


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