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Feel Limitless: To The Ozone and Beyond with Darrah K.

Feel Limitless: To The Ozone and Beyond with Darrah K.

Oxygen is everything.  Listen up as Charles has a casual chat with Darrah Kempka, RN on all things ozone!  Find out Charles’ thoughts on biohacking, Darrah’s favorite Crucial FOUR product, how she got started with ozone, and the different methods they prefer for ozone application.  This episode is a breath of fresh…ozone?!

Darrah's unconventional nursing career took her from pediatrics in the hospital to home health to neurologics.  Then, she got introduced to functional medicine... which ultimately led to her opening her own ozone clinic in 2021! She strives to empower people to be home and be well.    

Show Topics:

  • How Darrah got introduced to ozone
  • Charles' thoughts on biohacking
  • Major autohemotherapy
  • Rectal insufflation
  • Nasal insufflation
  • Why you want ozone to be unstable

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Crucial Takeaways:

17:32 - Sovereignty continues with Darrah: do you want to feel better or just not feel worse?

"Fifty percent of my patients there wanted to know what they could do ya know, with their diet and things at home to feel better.  Fifty percent of my patients didn't really care that they weren't getting better.  Right?  They were okay with just not getting worse, but not getting better."

19:19 - Darrah shares how she broke out of the system

"I really do feel passionate about empowering other nurses to step out of the hamster wheel.  And you really do feel stuck when you're in the system, hospital system, but there's so many things you can do."

28:16 - The versatility of ozone

"People ask me all the time what should I do for this...you know?  Well, you know I'm going to say ozone right, cuz that's just my answer for everything because it's so versatile..."

37:01 - A deeper layer of wellness with ozone therapy

"Where as in ozone is more of a root kind of nourishment.  Like, it's fixing us at, ya know, a lot of people talk about mitochondria.  Mitochondria this, mitochondria that.  But when you go into oxygen utilization and ozone therapy, there's even a deeper layer of wellness that you're getting than just ATP production.  We obviously know ozone helps that.  But you're allowing your body to be able to utilize oxygen better by creating those reactive oxygen species because a lot of times I feel like people think that when you do ozone, that this O₃ gas is like going around in your body, this O molecule is going around and it's like destroying viruses and doing all these things and that's not what happening.  As soon as it enters the bloodstream it's changing its structure because it's not molecularly balanced, it's extremely unstable.  When you say it's unstable people are like "oh, it's unstable?"  No, it's not like that, you want it to be unstable..."

Darrah's favorite Crucial FOUR product:

  • mThrive - listen to find out why!

What's up next for Darrah:

  • Frequency treatment added on to ozone therapy
  • IV ozone training for nurses
  • Ozone consultations

Watch the full episode here!


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