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mSalt v mMinerals - Which Salt is best for you?

mSalt v mMinerals - Which Salt is best for you?

We’ve been getting a lot of questions about our two salt products, mSalt and mMinerals and how they compare to each other. Below is a quick-guide that breaks down what attributes make these salts unique and the highest quality salts we’ve found so far.

As you can see, the salts have a lot in common and both meet the quality criteria to be put on the shelves here at Crucial Four. However, the truth is in the mineral analysis, mSalt IS more mineral dense, period. 

Our personal mission at Crucial Four has always been to get high quality ingredients to as many people as possible - feeling good, feeling limitless - that is your birthright and extends to everyone. Options and alternatives are important when achieving that goal. 

Source availability, transit, the socio-economic climate in these regions (and here in the US!) and changes to the ecosystems that these salts are found, contribute to the reality that quantities will always be limited. We cannot take more than our Earth can provide and we cannot cut corners at the expense of quality. 


Our Recommendations:

When deciding on which Salt to use, Adrenal Cocktails, Salt Brines, and other Supplemental Consumption will always be the highest quality with mSalt, however mMinerals is still a great, clean alternative in any of these uses. 

For Baking, Cooking, Topicals like Salt Scrubs or Baths, or any other use where volume is a concern, mMinerals is an incredible option. 

So is one better than the other? We don’t think so. When creating a holistic cabinet, both of these salts have a place on your health shelf. Both salts are still higher quality and cleaner than most salts on the market!  

Both of these Salts are in-stock right now (however mSalt does have a quantity cap for purchase) and we are working on securing our next batch now!


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