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Death By Energy Drink: Making Healthier Drink Choices Just Might Keep You Alive

Most of us know that things like soda and energy drinks aren't super healthy. They're packed full things caffeine and sugar or artificial sweeteners. But you might not know that energy drinks aren't just unh...

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Here's Why Everyone's Going Crazy Over Matcha Green Tea

Matcha tea, matcha cookies, matcha smoothies, matcha pastries -- it seems people are putting green tea powder in everything these days. And why not! It's incredibly healthy, tastes good, and turns foods a lo...

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The Best Adaptogens For Boosting Athletic Performance

Adaptogens are the “secret” all-natural herbs that pro athletes are using to boost their power, speed, and endurance. These stress-busting plants have numerous health benefits, including ones that can boost ...

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Do You Always Feel Tired? Here Are Three Simple Ways To Fight Fatigue With Healthy Eating Choices

Do you want to feel tired all the time? Of course not! But many of us think that we don't have a choice. We're busy people. There simply isn't time to sleep. And even when we do have a chance to get “caught ...

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