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The Best Adaptogens For Boosting Athletic Performance

Adaptogens are the “secret” all-natural herbs that pro athletes are using to boost their power, speed, and endurance. These stress-busting plants have numerous health benefits, including ones that can boost athletic performance. While all adaptogens will help your body deal with mental, physical, and emotional stress some are better than others at helping your reach athletic goals. Keep reading to find out which adaptogens are the best for athletes.

How Does This Work?

Adaptogens are a group of herbs and medicinal mushrooms that regulate your body's response to stress, are safe to use, and balance body functions. Even though athletic training is good for overall health, it still places stress on the body. Adaptogens help your body work at peak performance while repairing itself at the same time. Adaptogenic herbs increase adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which transports chemical energy within a cell for metabolism. Working out converts ATP into fuel for your muscles. Since adaptogens target this metabolic process, they increase how much energy is available for your muscles. Adaptogens also boost power by increasing creatine phosphate levels. And they improve cardiovascular function and lung capacity, boost how much oxygen is available to you, and contain antioxidants to protect your cells. In addition, they'll help regulate mental and emotional stressors so you can feel better about pushing yourself to keep going.

Adaptogenic Mushrooms

Medicinal mushrooms are among the most powerful foods you can add to your diet. They help reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and fight fatigue. Several of these mushrooms are also adaptogens which can help support your athletic goals.
  • Chaga – considered the most potent adaptogen, chaga boosts the immune, nervous, and endocrine systems. It's full of antioxidants, fights premature aging, and reduces inflammation. While it's good for everyone, you'll especially want it if you're doing heavy endurance training. We offer a powerful tincture made from 10-year-old wild chaga.
  • Cordyceps – compounds in this mushroom help your body fight inflammation, adrenal fatigue, and adrenal depletion. It also increases your oxygen capacity. These properties up your athletic performance, stamina, and endurance. If you're doing endurance training and/or could suffer from over-training syndrome this is a must-have adaptogen. You can get it, and many other adaptogens, in our mBreakfast blend.
  • Reishi – this mushroom has long been considered anti-aging because it supports healthy, whole-body functioning. Athletes will especially appreciate the way it promotes blood circulation and good metabolism, reduces fatigue, and enhances alertness. We offer Reishi Extracted Spore Oil in capsule form. It's also part of our mBreakfast blend.

Herbs For Workouts

There's a huge variety of adaptogenic herbs out there and many are a good choice for athletes. Here are three of the best ones that we sell.
  • American Ginseng – this well-known adaptogen is energizing and immune boosting but, unlike its Asian cousin, American ginseng isn't a stimulant. It's going to help balance your body systems and support oxygen uptake. Ginseng is also good for your mind and can help give you better reaction time. We offer it as a tincture.
  • Ashwagandha – studies indicate this root can increase your endurance, speed, and strength. It also reduces stress, enhances memory, and may help build muscle mass. It's part of our mBreakfast blend.
  • Maca – is one of the most powerful adaptogens for increasing your stamina and strength. It's also a great energy booster. We sell black maca, which is the most potent form, as a powder and in our mBreakfast blend.
Whether you're training as a pro athlete or just want to hit your next workout goal, adaptogens can help. Adding these powerful plants to your diet will help regulate stress, increase your energy and endurance, and repair any damage to your body.

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