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What's The Big Deal With Roundup? Here's Why Glyphosate Is So Dangerous

Have you heard about what's going on with Roundup? We've known for years that this weedkiller's active ingredient glyphosate is a toxic chemical, and now we're finally seeing recognition of just how dangerou...

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Death By Energy Drink: Making Healthier Drink Choices Just Might Keep You Alive

Most of us know that things like soda and energy drinks aren't super healthy. They're packed full things caffeine and sugar or artificial sweeteners. But you might not know that energy drinks aren't just unh...

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These Studies On Carbon-60 Will Make You Want To Start Eating Charcoal

About 30 years ago, scientists discovered a third type of carbon molecule. Since carbon makes organic molecules, which are basic building blocks for life, this was an incredibly exciting discovery. And now n...

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Stock Up While You Can: Here's What FDA Approval of a Cannabidiol Drug Means For CBD Oil Sellers

Earlier this month, the FDA took the ground-breaking step of recommending approval for a drug derived from cannabis. The drug is called is Epidiolex and it contains cannabidiol, or CBD. This drug treats two ...

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