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What's The Big Deal With Roundup? Here's Why Glyphosate Is So Dangerous

Have you heard about what's going on with Roundup? We've known for years that this weedkiller's active ingredient glyphosate is a toxic chemical, and now we're finally seeing recognition of just how dangerous it can be. On August 10 of this year, a San Francisco jury awarded $289-million to Dwayne “Lee” Johnson, a California public school groundskeeper who said his terminal non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma resulted from using Roundup. This wasn't the first time Roundup, or other chemicals produced by Monsanto, have come under attack and it definitely won't be the last. Bayer, which bought Monsanto earlier this year, saw its stock plummet 14% and forfeited $16 billion in shareholder value following this court case. That's bad news for the company, but good news for everyone who's affected by Roundup. Which, as you'll see if you keep reading, is pretty much everyone.

Cancer-Causing Chemical

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is one of several attorneys collectively representing about 8,000 clients with cases alleging that glyphosate caused their cancer. They have plenty of basis for these claims, too. In the Johnson case, the "jury heard evidence that for four decades Monsanto maneuvered to conceal Roundup’s carcinogenicity by capturing regulatory agencies, corrupting public officials, bribing scientists and engaging in scientific fraud to delay its day of reckoning" (click here to read more). Several European nations, including France, have plans to ban or restrict glyphosate use. Here in the states, California listed glyphosate as a carcinogen under Proposition 65 last year. Within that state, Monsanto is now required to warn consumers of Roundup’s carcinogenicity at all points of sale.

Even More Dangers

It would be bad enough if glyphosate was only dangerous for the people who work with it. But it's not. Glyphosate now accounts for 1/2 of all herbicides being used. It's in our food supply, our water, even our air. And since 2006, when Monsanto started marketing Roundup to dry up oats and wheat right before harvest, farmers have been spraying it directly on our food. To quote Kennedy, Monsanto "faces cascading scientific evidence linking glyphosate to a constellation of other injuries that have become prevalent since its introduction, including obesity, depression, Alzheimer’s, ADHD, autism, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s, kidney disease, and inflammatory bowel disease, brain, breast and prostate cancer, miscarriage, birth defects and declining sperm counts. Strong science suggests glyphosate is the culprit in the exploding epidemics of celiac disease, colitis, gluten sensitivities, diabetes and non-alcoholic liver cancer." Humans aren't the only ones affected, either. Environmentalists claim that Roundup is killing at least 13 species in the United States alone. These include the Monarch butterfly and pollinating insects.

What Can You Do?

Hopefully, there will be a ban against using glyphosate and other toxic chemicals in the future. Until then, it's up to us to do what we can to avoid them. Buying organic whenever possible is the best place to start. You can also take steps to fill in nutritional gaps in your diet. Heirloom, organic superfoods will help with that, and Crucial FOUR is the place to get them. We offer high-quality products that have never come into contact with chemicals like glyphosate. You can buy from our store with 100% confidence that what you're getting is not going to poison you.  Check out our mCollagen that the lab results stated there was no glyphosate detected.

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