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How to fix your bad breath (and make sure it doesn't come back)

How to fix your bad breath (and make sure it doesn't come back)

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Hey, guys, Charles Barber here. Today, we're going to talk about bad breath. I'm going to go into the root cause of bad breath, and then I'm going to go into some quick solutions you can apply to your life to freshen up your breath. I'm sure your loved ones will appreciate it. The key to understanding bad breath is we have to understand the bacteria matrix, that whole concept. I've shown a video on that in the past. If you haven't checked it out, maybe we can get it down below here, you can check that video out. But the whole idea here is that we have more bacteria in us, around us, on us than we have cells. Bacteria are like the gatekeepers, if you will. Also, depending upon the type of nutrition we eat, this will determine the type of bacteria that flourish and grow. If we eat too many carbs, too many sweets, or we're eating too much meat, dairy, then a lot of what will happen is we'll have a certain group of microbes that are trying to break down those foods, which are kind of hard to break down, and they start to ferment. That fermentation creates this kind of nasty anaerobic smell. You guys ever left any meat out in the garbage or didn't take it out from the garbage and smelled it? Doesn't smell good, does it? Have you ever left vegetables out and let those rot? Those don't smell as good either. They don't smell as bad though, so just something to kind of keep in mind here as we talk. If we're eating a diet that's mainly meats and processed carbs and sugar, you can almost guarantee that person's going to have bad breath. Now, oral health does have a lot to go into it, but we'll go into that later. But the key thing that I want you to understand is the root cause is your diet. Yes, your diet affects your breath. By being able to be more balanced, and I talk about this, about the palate, the five different flavors, shot that video, gotta check it out if you haven't. We have to understand we have to have all five flavors in a balanced way into our diet: sweet, sour, astringent, salty, and bitter. Once we have these flavors in a balance, then our breath will reflect. It'll be fresh, and it'll be balanced. One of the quick things that you can do to start balancing out your bad breath, if you have it, is take a note: Am I eating too much meat? Am I eating too much dairy? Maybe I should add more vegetables in my diet. Maybe some more celery, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, greens. Adding these into your diet, if you are eating too many processed carbs or too much meat, will immediately start to go in there and start to create a healthier, more balanced micro-biome, which will then freshen up your breath. The other thing to understand with bad breath is also oral hygiene. We have to understand. The key thing that we want to take from this is that, when we wake up or when we go to bed and we wake up, because when we sleep at night, guys, our saliva isn't circulating like when we're awake. Naturally, everyone kind of has kind of a funky breath when they wake up in the morning because the saliva is not moving. I did shoot a video on H2O2, hydrogen peroxide mouthwash that I made, and you can actually use this first thing in the morning. I do this before I even drink water, swish my mouth out, and that'll immediately get that bad breath out. A good, clean, healthy mouthwash. But using things like Listerine and using things like essential oils is more of a band-aid. The diet is the root, and if you can fix the root, then you can start to turn it over with some of these tools that can kind of help mask things as things click over. When we talk about the mouthwash, it's definitely something you want to look into and try it. Try it out. But the other thing you want to think about when you think about bad breath is are you flossing? Flossing is so important. We don't do enough of it. I know, at the end of the day, I used to rush out. I'd be like, "Okay, gotta brush my teeth." I should've been like, "I gotta go floss" because flossing is more important because if you get food stuck in the back of your molars, and it's just sitting back in there, rotting away, can you imagine how your breath's going to smell there? Not very good. On combination, if you're eating an unbalanced diet, if you're not flossing, is it no wonder that so many people have bad breath these days? For me personally, I know my breath is probably, with its ups and downs, as I've changed my diet, but when I talk to people and they have bad breath, oh my gosh, it's like a mortal sin. We gotta get rid of that, right? By being able to have a healthier, balanced diet, by adding in beneficial bacteria like sauerkraut and certain ferments, if you don't have a yeast overgrowth, it can be very beneficial in helping balance out your bad breath. Also, lemon juice and water is also another solution that you can start to add to your water and that will really help combat bad breath. Now that you guys understand that the bacteria are the key, and you understand that you need to have a balanced diet, and you're starting to understand something about oral health and how it's connected, let's really go and dive a little bit deeper into oral hygiene, so you can start to understand these solutions because that's what we're going to really get into right now. The first solution is floss. You gotta floss. Flossing over brushing is more important. I don't even call brushing brushing. I call it "polishing" because that's really what it is. You don't really clean things. Brushing implies you're cleaning. You are, and you're not. You're just really spreading things around. But you got to floss. Also, tongue scraping, another phenomenal solution. And last but not least, the H2O2 mouthwash, gotta try that, especially first thing in the morning. That'll just kind of help start the day right, set the caliber right, and then you can eat something. Then you can go into a floss, then you can go into a tongue scraper. Another solution is to use essential oils. You want to be real careful here because, if you use too many essential oils, you can actually knock the enamel off your teeth, and you can cause major problems. But understanding that essential oils for gum health are just, if not more important than they are for just like a fresh breath, like a peppermint essential oil because some essential oils are better for gum health. I'm not going to go into that in this video, but these are just some tricks that you guys can utilize. Again, adding a very balanced diet into your life. Take a moment. Say, "Okay, am I eating too many carbs, too many sugars, too much meat? Does my breath stink to begin with?" And if it does, go there. Look at those things. If not, if that's in your situation, go ahead and switch it over. Also, hydration. Hydration's another huge one. You want to make sure you're nice and hydrated. And then, when you start to look at tools on how can I, Charles, how can I freshen my breath? Well, after you start eating a healthier, balanced diet, you can really start to focus on flossing. Make sure you floss at least once to twice a day. I know I sound like a dentist or a mom here, but it's really important. And then tongue scraping, along with the mouthwash. These are some quick tips and tricks you can do to knock out bad breath. I hope this video helped you guys. I hope you learned a lot. Any questions or comments below, please type it all in because I'm here for you guys. All right, if you haven't seen any of our videos, they're coming. They're live. They're getting posted every day. Again, questions and comments on those below. They're probably over here, over there, wherever they are in the YouTube world nowadays. You can find those videos. I just ask that you leave questions or comments, ask that you subscribe, check us out on social media. We're always doing promotions. Come and see us at the shop if you're local. If not, you can always email us, and we can get you any information you need. All right, guys, signing off here, Charles Barber. Fix that bad breath.

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