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Do You Always Feel Tired? Here Are Three Simple Ways To Fight Fatigue With Healthy Eating Choices

Do you want to feel tired all the time? Of course not! But many of us think that we don't have a choice. We're busy people. There simply isn't time to sleep. And even when we do have a chance to get “caught up” on sleep we still find ourselves dragging. One way to help your body fight fatigue is to make healthy eating choices. Diet isn't the only factor affecting how tired you are of course – amount and quality of sleep, exercise, and overall health also play important roles. But for now, we're just going to focus three simple steps you can take to boost energy with how you eat.

Eat Your B-Vitamins

According to a study published in the Journal of Royal Society of Medicine, there's a direct link between chronic fatigue syndrome and reduced vitamin B levels. Vitamins B6 and B12 are particularly important. If you're fighting fatigue, be sure to add foods that are high in these vitamins to your diet. You'll find B6 in foods like wild tuna and salmon, bananas, papaya, grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, poultry, hazelnuts, and cooked spinach. B12 is mostly found in animal products, such as beef liver from grass-fed cows, fish, cheese, lamb, raw milk, and eggs. If you're vegan, you'll probably have to take B12 supplements.

Remove Processed Foods

Some foods typically found in American diets can wreak havoc on your sleep schedule and make you feel tired. If you're serious about making changes in your diet that will give you more energy, avoid refined and excess sugar, simple carbs, hydrogenated oils, processed and packaged foods. You'll want to instead focus on eating a balanced, clean, and healthy diet. Make sure you're eating healthy fats, organic proteins, and plenty of fresh vegetables and fruit. Also, support your gut bacteria by eating fermented foods (like sauerkraut) along with whole grains and other healthy fibers.

Take Adaptogens and Medical Mushrooms

Adaptogens are natural plant-based substances that help the body handle physical, emotional, or environmental stress. They also help balance out bodily processes like the immune system, hormones, etc. All adaptogens will help you combat stress and some will give you an additional energy boost. American Ginseng and Black Maca are particularly helpful in fighting fatigue. Some medicinal mushrooms also have adaptogenic properties. Plus, certain species are good for boosting energy. We offer a safe, convenient way to get the health benefits of medicinal mushrooms in our Wildcrafted Chaga Extract and Reishi Spore Oil.
Incorporating B Vitamins, replacing processed foods with healthy options, and adding adaptogens to your diet can work wonders for your energy levels. And if you want to make this change really easy, you can replace one of your meals with our Organic Superfood Powder. It's packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients, as well as several varieties of adaptogens and medicinal mushrooms. It makes adding fatigue-fighting foods to your routine super easy. You can order it with just a few clicks from our online store.

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