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An Electrifying look at Electroculture with Andrea Donnoli

An Electrifying look at Electroculture with Andrea Donnoli

 In the food forests of Italy, Andrea has executed over 10,000 experiments to curate optimal nutrient density.  Remember how fruit used to taste?  He’s on a mission to have you reminisce + re-experience the taste-memory of the foods you once knew.  

You’ll find tons of pearls in this episode, and Donnoli knows what’s up: “The more you work with nature, the more the direction is clear.”  

Show Topics:

  • A pilot program with Andrea + Charles
  • Where Andrea finds every solution
  • Small scale farming with super production + nutrient density
  • The many approaches to increase nutrition + help nature return to its potential
  • Where to start if you’re just beginning today (i.e start talking with the plants)
  • The importance of healthier seed stock for the next generations + how to get there

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FOUR Crucial Takeaways:

14:41 - Trust your tastebuds 

“The best barometer to tell if something is nutrient dense is our palate.”

20:49 - Working with Michelin Star Chefs to cultivate the best tasting food + drinks

“We combine multiple technologies/techniques and really move into a new space: truffles, mushrooms, bamboo plantation, fruits, wine, a lot of wine, wine…there’s plenty of opportunities.  Olive oil, it’s a super food and now we can move to the next level.”

23:02 - If you fail, it’s the human factor

“If you are positive, the plants feel it and they show the potential they have.  If we are so negative, if we don’t believe, we are going up and down our garden, it’ll be a mirror of exactly how we are. It’s incredible to work with the nature and see yourself in the plants.”

28:47 - Are you moving towards nature?

"We need to listen more to our sensibility, to our taste, the smell, we need to return back to our senses, because the technology and the lifestyle is breaking all these parts.  And, it’s moving away from the reality, moving away from nature, and that’s a bad direction.  I always regenerate myself on the weekend, staying in nature.  That’s why I'd go chase the house in the mountain…I really needed to recharge after many office meetings."  


Donnoli shares from his heart that what’s most important is to act.  Experiment.  Learn.  Take a course.  Meet with people.  Be proactive.  Take action.  Start practicing.  Plant a new tree.  

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Watch the full episode here


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