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mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt

mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt

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Polar White Sea Salt is a mineral dense salt from pure, polar waters. With industry low heavy metals, we’re popping this polar salt in our grinders. From adrenal mocktails and kale to ribeyes and gluten-free pies, mix, cook, top, and bake with these microplastic-free flakes.

Crucial FOUR's Icelandic sea salt can be used medicinally in a netti pot, added to your food or water. The most sustainable nutrient-dense salt in the world. Designed to give you the missing minerals we all need.

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  • Microplastic-Free


  • Lab Tested


  • Polar Pure


  • Trace Mineral Matrix


mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt
mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt
mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt
mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt
mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt
mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt

"The crystalline structure and purity of this salt is unlike anything I've seen before!"*

Nicole M, Verified Buyer

Polar White Sea Salt 1# 1lb

mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt

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Helps Support
  • Nervous System*
  • Mineral Balance*
  • Hydration*
  • Adrenals*

Polar White Sea Salt 1#

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mMinerals | Polar White Sea Salt


Sustainably Hand-harvested

As nature intended, it’s dried by the sun and wind without machine processing. Hand-harvesting maintains the crystalline structure of the salt crystals. A totally renewable resource (unlike mined salts), passing through ancient sea shell beds increases magnesium, potassium, and calcium.*

Polar Pure

There is no industry, tourism, or recreation happening on the beaches where our pristine salt is hand-harvested due to the treacherous current and freezing temperatures!

How To Use mMinerals

Add Over Food

Add To Your Water

Add To Smoothies

Add To Mouth Rinse

Use As Skin Exfoliator

Neti Pot

Why Crucial FOUR?

Crucial FOUR is your bridge to achieving the long-desired full nutrition benefits.* It's supplementing you with the four missing food groups that Big Food & Big Pharma have been hiding from you for years.* The missing food groups are: Superior Herbs, Biotic Extracts, Functional Mushrooms & Minerals. We believe in better and more sustainable ways of achieving high daily performance, ways that rely on Mother Nature's richness of vitamins, minerals and proteins; not synthetic & potentially harmful lab formulations.

From Our Founder

Questions & Answers

Lab tested to contain no microplastics
Lab Tested
Tested for microplastics and heavy metals
Polar Pure
Hand-harvested in an area free of industry, tourism, and recreation
Trace Mineral Matrix
Sourced from a deep salt water aquifer, passing through ancient sea shell beds increases magnesium, calcium, potassium and many more minerals*
NO, our salt is hand harvested with nothing added to it.
We like the revitalizer to structure water.
Store it in a glass mason jar. A salt brine if stored in fridge is good indefinitely.
Watch our Salt brine video and start there.*


Polar Pure White Sea Salt

Let your only daily grind be salt related. Feel limitless with these polar white flakes.*

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