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Feel Limitless: The Biotic Extract of Kings with Jeremy Clark

Feel Limitless: The Biotic Extract of Kings with Jeremy Clark

On next episode of the Crucial FOUR Podcast, we pull out an interview from our archive, when the idea of starting our podcast was there, but almost a decade away!  Charles chats with Jeremy Clark about the biotic extract of kings, liquid ant extract.

Do you need more zinc than the average person? Polyrhachis Ants are an ancient source of zinc, supportive of several systems in the body including sexual function.  Join this discussion as Charles (CEO & Founder of Crucial FOUR) shares about his journey with depression and how instrumental the components of one of our biotic extracts, mStrength was for him.  mStrength contains Polyrhachis Ant and wild goji berry.  


Show Topics:

  • Polyrhachis Ant history
  • Depression
  • The importance of zinc
  • Regulation of raw materials
  • Biochemistry of zinc
  • Sexual health
  • & more

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Crucial Takeaways:

5:35 - You may need more zinc if...

"There are certain people that that should probably at least supplement with zinc in some way. I mean, it is involved in quite a few things like the cell division and the immune system. As you're saying in some people that might not realize that they could be deficient in zinc, like people with different gastrointestinal conditions, vegetarians actually need about 50% more zinc than non-vegetarians, which is kind of interesting. Pregnant women, of course, you know, because there's a constant cell dividing inside, you know, the womb, you're carrying another person and it has to grow. And it takes a lot of zinc to be able to divide all those cells."

6:53 - These aren't the ants you are used to & they are highly regulated

"Also, these ants, just so you guys know, they all come from northern ChangBai  Mountain. So, you know, these aren't the same ants that you see walking around in your basement. Okay. Those have been probably got particular of raid on them. You don't want to eat those. So just this that right quick, you know, these ants are actually grown and harvested in these pristine areas of northern China. And the regulation on this is very heavy, actually. Any time a lot of these Chinese herbs that I've been getting the regulation on the herbs is a little different than the animal products. The animal products are actually extremely regulated, and there's very few people that actually can know how to make these tonics."

8:07 - Charles, zinc deficiency, & depression

"Depression, Alzheimer's, it's all interlinked. And we're seeing a lot of deficiencies in that. The renal system and the kidneys. Right. This lack of dopamine, lack lack of these nutrients in particular, zinc and and zinc is a major player and it has been a major for my health. I was zinc deficient. I used to get those white spots on my fingers under my fingernails. So if you ever get white spots on your fingernails, that's a strong indication you have zinc deficiency. So, you know, you can look down. You could see that now unless you slide your finger in the door, you know, it's probably going to look like that. But you'd know if you did that or not. But in mStrength, guy, this is a product we've been able to take the raw and and I've been able to get it imported here and this is something that would been almost a three year journey for me."

12:28 - Sexual health 

"And also, zinc is a huge part, undoubtedly, of a strong balanced sexual system, sexuality and human sexual functions. And in Japan, they call it the harmony element because it brings harmony in between couples because it's such a powerful sex and proving element. Similarly, they found influence on the way the zinc is utilized have shown that regular use of of these type of and tonic can prevent and treat disorders associated with all zinc deficiency. So studies including see now cataracts, night blindness, impotency, sexual dysfunction, spermatorrhea, where your sperm count is low..."

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