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Feel Limitless: Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond with BirthFit's Leah Barto

Feel Limitless: Preconception, Pregnancy, Postpartum & Beyond with BirthFit's Leah Barto

On our first episode of the Crucial FOUR Podcast, we welcome Leah Barto on the origins of BirthFIT and feeling limitless at all stages in life.

Leah is a gym owner, strength and conditioning coach, and a birth doula. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Leah, her husband Aja, son Kai, daughter Ruby and two dogs still call Houston home. Leah started coaching in 2010, and they opened their affiliate in 2012. 

In addition to loving the entire birthing process, Leah has always been most passionate about supporting women through the ebbs and flows of life. Leah especially loves coaching movement and educating women on healthy lifestyles to support them through their female cycle, fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys. She enjoys any opportunity to learn, travel, connect, love, and have deep, meaningful conversations.

Show Topics:

  • Preconception
  • Pregnancy
  • Postpartum
  • The importance of minerals
  • & more

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FOUR Crucial Takeaways:

3:54 - Teaching kids how to feel limitless

"So we both own a gym and we work out daily and you would think that they would immediately gravitate to that but he sees it all the time and he's not gung-ho..."

9:31 - What's missing in fitness and nutrition industries and how BirthFit is different

"...you have to be so weary because you know there's a difference in people or a program that's rooted in constantly changing research and experience and you know we just really pride ourselves as industry leaders because there's a difference in that versus someone who maybe is an influential you know competitive exerciser or some trainer and they're like well I was pregnant and i had a baby so here's a program that I followed and it worked for me and it's like right right but what do you know about the actual physiological process of right and so we're constantly you know trying to stay in the forefront and stay ahead of that so that we can capture everyone in what we like to call the motherhood transition prenatal birth postpartum and then we have a community of women that is beyond that immediate postpartum and it's like hey we want a community that's not afraid to talk about nourishment and lifestyle and cycles and just being a woman and everything like we change every single day and we live in a very masculine minded world and so just bringing that awareness around how our lifestyles can be impacted when we start to respect that feminine energy and what we feel like is missing in a lot of the fitness and nutrition kind of aspects out there."

51:44 - The origins of BirthFit

"...the quickest healing is an unmedicated vaginal birth so how do we train to make that a possibility and so Lindsay kind of just got her gears kicking so BirthFit started with a blog because as she started to unpeel layers and layers of this non-mainstream information she was like the world needs to know."

1:04:31 - The importance of minerals 

"...I'll shout out to to you guys, minerals at this time are so important and so a lot of depression and anxiety that I see are really your body just yearning for the things that it's so depleted of. You give up so much in pregnancy and in birth that you have, so all of the salt, all of like I love pearl powder I love like all of the magnesium. Yeah more than you think that you need to be nourishing, the collagen the broth, if you've never focused on quality now's the time." 

Minerals Leah likes:

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