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Tips for Clean, Healthy, Great Smelling Skin

Tips for Clean, Healthy, Great Smelling Skin

Video Transcript Charles Barber: Hey, guys. So, in one of my videos I shot prior, I talked about the big kahuna bacteria, and today, I just really want to focus on the largest organ on our body, and bacteria. That is our skin. Our epidermis. And just some quick ways that you can use some tools to help nurture your bacteria on your skin, and there's a few things to kind of also watch out for, things that might harm the beneficial bacteria on your skin. One of the first things that we always want to keep in mind is, anything that we put on our skin, we should be okay with eating it, and if we're not, we shouldn't do it. So, that right there is important, and that right there can change lives, because if you really think about it, we probably all have a few products that we would never eat, but we're okay with putting on our skin, whether it's a lotion, or a crème, or a certain deodorant, or whatnot. So, it's something to really think about. The other thing to think about, too, is that our skin wants to breathe, right? It's waterproof, but it's breathable, and this is something I'm going to get into in another video about housing, and why our houses are so toxic to us, and how a lot of people get sick from their homes, and why you've just got to get outside. So, some of the tools and things that you can use to help nurture your beneficial bacteria on your skin are using probiotic products, probiotic washes. There's companies out there that make soaps. I even have looked at creating my own product line with this. But at the end of the day, I just like to give this information away for free. There's a technology out there known as EM, and you can actually buy these microbes, and you can actually make your own soaps and cleaners out of this stuff, and these are beneficial bacteria that you can infuse with essential oils, and now you get the good cleaning power of essential oils. You can also add some vinegar to these things, so you get some cleaning power there, and then the beneficial microbes. And what's important about this is that you're going to start inoculating your environment with these beneficial bacteria, which naturally are going to fall on your skin, or around you, if you put it on your skin as a soap or a lotion. The other thing, though, is if you don't have that available to you, these probiotic shampoos that seem kind of exotic, maybe you haven't heard of these things, it's just, make sure when you clean yourself with certain soaps, that you focus on the targeted areas. Focus on the areas you know really need to be cleaned, and then look at super clean sources of soaps. I like to use Dr. Bronner's. It's something that I can trust. I actually met the son of Dr. Bronner. He's a really cool guy, and what he's doing with his hemp project and everything is really awesome. But there's hundreds of other companies out there that are doing it right. I've seen a lot of really cool yogurt soaps, and goat milk soaps that are really gnarly. I really like to use those occasionally. And then also, just using essential oils as well. These are just some things that you can use to help nurture your epidermis. Other tools and things to think about is really sweating and saunaing, which I'm going to go into another video, the importance of this, because what saunaing does, and sweating does, is help open those pores. Because we definitely don't want to clog our pores. We want them to be able to breathe, and that has a direct correlation with the bacteria, the beneficial microbes that can live all around our body. We're going to be getting in contact with pathogenic bacteria, so by being able to build up our beneficial microbe shield, if you will, our bio-shield, if you will, we're able to deter these harmful bacteria, or keep them at bay. I see a lot of things, too, about veganism, and how you shouldn't eat meat because you're a bloodsucker, and all this weird kind of stuff, but one thing you have to understand is that parasites will always be in us and around us, but it's our ability to bring any beneficial microbes in a healthy, diverse, balanced way, which I've talked about diversity of nutrition in past videos you can check out. This is the key to keeping these pathogenic organisms at bay, and keeping their loads down, so we don't get sick. Also, using essential oils and natural soaps will actually help us not smell as bad, especially once we clean up our diet. You know, a big part of not smelling good is that we're eating toxic food, and our bacteria in our gut's not right. All right, so, I'm going to go into that in another video, as well. I just wanted to focus here on skin health, skin hygiene, and just the whole big kahuna idea that we have bacteria all over our face and our skin, and just because we can't see them, it doesn't mean they're not there. So, next time you're looking to put something on your skin, if you're not willing to eat it, then I'd rethink it. All right. If you've got any questions or comments, please leave them below. I look forward to hearing from you. Subscribe, check out the newsletter, check out videos that are going to correlate to this. We'll be sure and add those below as well, so if you want to get even more information, I can direct you to those, or you can find those yourself. All right. I hope everyone is having a blessed, wonderful day. Hope, and namaste.

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