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Ancient Cures That Work Today: The Healing Herbs of Chinese Traditional Medicine

The Western world looks at Traditional Chinese Medicine with a more-than-healthy dose of skepticism. Even though TCM has been in continuous use for thousands of years, skeptics still insist there's no evidence that it does any good. Yet in spite of the naysayers, multiple millions of people keep coming back to TCM remedies every year. Maybe there's more to it than certain scientists want to admit.

Principles of Chinese Healing

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a whole-body system designed to work on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels. TCM approaches the human body as an integrated whole where body, mind, emotions, and spirit all form an interrelated system. TMC teaches that your body reflects changes in nature. This means it takes your age, genetics, and individual condition into account before treatment, as well as the geographical location and time of year. Chinese medicine sees prevention as the best cure. It teaches you to interpret your body's signals about your health so you can take steps to prevent more serious illness. TCM also supports the body's natural self-healing ability through practices like acupuncture, tai chi, massage, and herbal remedies.

Botanical Medicine

Herbal therapy is one modality of TCM. It uses herbs on their own or in combination. TCM herbal formulas are designed so the herbs work together synergistically. If all goes as planned, the combination of herbs becomes more powerful than they would be when taken on their own. Some of these herbal compounds contain 18 or more different herbs. Preparation may involve hours of work fermenting or simmering the ingredients to create the precise effect desired. While most are plant-based, some formulas also call for animal parts or minerals. Many of the traditional Chinese herbs contain powerful phytochemicals that are useful in treating disease. One study found that over 100 Chinese herbs contain phytochemicals that directly correlate to ingredients used in the pharmaceutical drugs of Western medicine.

Traditional Chinese Herbs

It's vitally important that you purchase any TCM remedies from a reliable source. Quite a large number of herbal remedies exported to the United States from Asia contain heavy metals and other toxic contaminants. It's safer to buy traditional Chinese remedies through countries like Japan or Taiwan, where regulations on medical botanicals are more strict. Some of the herbs we use here at Crucial FOUR are part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We’re very careful about where we source our herbs ensure there’s no contamination and that you get the purest, safest herbs available. You can order our mBreakfast blend (which contains astragalus, mesima, maitake, and other TCM herbs and mushrooms) through our online store.

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