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New Product: Stress Releaving Reishi Spore Oil Capsules | mTranquil

New Product: Stress Releaving Reishi Spore Oil Capsules | mTranquil

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Hey, guys. Charles Barber, and today I've got a product I like, mTranquil. This is one of my favorite products. mTranquil is a Reishi Spore Oil, and if you're looking for a way to combat stress, if you're looking for a way to help open up the liver energy in your meridian in your liver quadrant and gallbladder quadrant, if you're looking for a way to kind of just set yourself in a zen mode, this is it. This is the herb of immortality, and what makes this product so special is that these are actually log-grown Reishi Spore Oil extractions. I know that was a long one. So, we know Reishi mushroom is the herb of immortality. We know it's been studied more than any herb in China than anything. I actually think it's the most studied plant botanical in the world, and we're seeing that it has major anti-cancer compounds. We're seeing that it can help lower cortisol. We seeing that it can help nurture the liver, the gallbladder. We seeing that it helps nurture the spirit, which is known as the shen, the Chi which is like your digestion. It also helps with yen jing, not yang jing, but yen jing, so it's a total body tonic herb. It really helps nurture the mind, body and spirit. And with this product right here, what we've done is we have log-grown Reishi. You can actually check it out on our Flickr, and when Reishi mushroom grows, before it dies, it spores out and that's so it can grow more mushrooms. The spore powder is actually like the seed bed of the Reishi mushroom, and what we do is we actually put these little like ... you know those dog caps that dogs get surgeries to keep it from licking their wound. We actually do something like this on the mushrooms themselves, and what happens is we're in a closed greenhouse, those spore collects and then the wind can't blow it out so we actually collect it, and then we run it through our super-critical CO2 machine. And the reason why we do that is because the spore powder of the Reishi mushroom has been shown to be 700 times more potent in the active constituents, the active nutrients inside the Reishi mushroom itself. So, the spore powder, again, is 700 times stronger. Okay. Now, I'm about to blow your mind because this is a super-critical CO2 extracted spore oil, which actually makes the spores one to 100 times stronger, so that means that this spore oil, one of these spore oils, contains the potency of times seven of just the Reishi mushroom itself, of all the constituents inside it. So, this is the most powerful way that you can actually take Reishi mushroom right here. When you take one of these guys, the way I like to take it is I'll pop it in my mouth, and I squirt the juice out and I swish it. I don't like the gel cap. I don't like eating it because I eat so many of these, so I just spit that out, and I just swish that oil in my mouth, and I will literally start to feel the relaxing benefits instantly. Someone else who really loves this is my son. He loves spore oil. I have to hide this stuff from him. I actually found one of these in his room once and we only had about five or six in the bottom of the bag, and I had kind of left it on the counter, and I go in his room and he's like eating them all. At the end of the day, I don't really get nervous about that because there's also immune-enhancing compounds inside the beta glucans inside the polysaccharides of this Duanwood Reishi grown CO2 extracted oil. They're going to help his immune system stay in check. A lot of us have autoimmune conditions. Where do we start? Reishi spore oil. A lot of us have allergies. Where do we start? Reishi spore oil. These are powerful nutrients that can really help your body combat foreign or domestic invaders, and also recalibrate your immunity. Something that a lot of people don't talk about is immunomodulation. It's almost like an adaptability for your immune system, and the medicinal mushrooms have it, and this is one of the most powerful mushroom products in the world that I have found. That's why it's got a Crucial Four logo on it, that's why we offer it, that's why I'm shooting this video. So, if you know anyone or yourself are looking to create any type of anti-cancer protocol, you're looking to help maybe combat some allergies. Maybe you've got an underlying autoimmune condition, maybe you're just stressed out. This is your guy, right here, Reishi Spore Oil. I just want to show you guys how I take this right quick. I just pop it in my mouth. You hear it kind of squirt? Maybe you did, maybe you didn't. I'll suck on it. I'll take that, get rid of that, and then just swish this. Now I just kind of let this sit. I'm not big on just swallowing it because I notice when I swish it, I just instantly start to feel just like all this tension in my neck, all this tension in my spine, even in my head, start to tingle, things start to relax. I start to just really start to feel more zen. That's why I called it mTranquil. It's a metabolic tranquilizer for those of us that need it. But again, if you're fighting any type of autoimmune condition, this is a phenomenal product to help support a natural, healthy response to your immune system. So, a little product highlight here. Duanwood Reishi Mushroom, we get this out of southern China. It's one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you go to our Flickr, maybe I can get some pictures even put on this video, but Flickr has the greenhouse, it shows you how we do the contraption with the Spore Oil, and then we also run that in our CO2 super-critical extractor so you get 700 times the potency of just normal Reishi powder in this Spore Oil. So, only one of these is all you need a day, or even three times a week to get the benefits of taking Reishi powder every single day. I know a lot of us don't have time, and this is something that can really help us cut the time out and add more value in. Spore oil, mTranquil. If you got any questions or comments about this product below, is the time to put it down. I will answer them as promptly as possible. If you're looking for discounts and you want to know recipes or other ways to use it, sign up to our newsletter. Subscribe to our YouTube because we'll show you more videos like this in the future, and I look forward to hearing from you. All right. and namaste.

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