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Could Your Water Be Dehydrating You?

Could Your Water Be Dehydrating You?

You’ve heard it a million times: drink more water to stay hydrated. It’s practically health advice 101. But what if I told you that the water you’re chugging might actually be making you more dehydrated? 

Mind-blowing, right? 

We asked Founder Charles to share some eye-opening insights about hydration and the role of minerals in water — and he made things crystal clear.

The Great Hydration Deception

So, you’re sweating it out at the gym or out during a particularly hot day, feeling parched. You reach for your bottled water and think to yourself ‘yeah, this’ll do the trick’. Because that’s the right thing to do, no? Wrong. 

Charles explains that when we sweat, we lose not just water but also essential salts and minerals: “Our sweat tastes salty for a reason – it’s packed with sodium, which is crucial for our body’s functions. When we replace this loss with plain water, especially purified or distilled, we might be setting ourselves up for failure”.

Plain Water? Think Again

Drinking plain, purified water can leave you feeling just as thirsty and fatigued as if you hadn’t had any at all. That’s because this type of water is stripped of all its minerals. 

When we consume it, our bodies try to balance out the ‘emptiness’ by leaching minerals from our bones and tissues. This can lead to a deficiency in essential minerals — the exact opposite of what we’re aiming for when we hydrate.

The Role of Minerals

Our bodies rely on minerals like sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium to maintain proper hydration. They help our cells communicate and function efficiently. When we consume water that lacks these minerals, it disrupts our body’s natural balance. 

Think of our body as a bio-electrical machine that runs on both those things; without the right minerals, the machine can’t operate smoothly.

The Solution: Mineral-Rich Water

So, what’s the answer? Simple: add minerals back to your water. In nature, we’d drink from mountain springs and natural sources that are already rich in minerals. These days, our water is often processed and stripped of its natural benefits. 

By adding a pinch of sea salt (like our mSalt or mMinerals salt) or opting for mineral-rich bottled water, you can make sure you’re actually hydrating your body effectively.

Charles’ Pro Tips

  1. Add Sea Salt: Just a pinch of high-quality sea salt to your water can make a big difference. It provides essential minerals like sodium and potassium.
  2. Choose Mineral Water: Look for bottled water that naturally contains minerals. Brands that source from springs are often a good choice.
  3. Hydrate with Electrolytes: Consider electrolyte powders, especially if you’re engaging in intense physical activity.

Keep Things Flowing

Turns out, hydration is more than just drinking water. It’s about maintaining the right balance of water and minerals in your body. So, next time you reach for that bottle of purified water, think twice and consider adding a bit of sea salt or choosing mineral water instead. Your body will thank you for it.

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