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Us vs Them: How mProtein Stands Out

Us vs Them: How mProtein Stands Out

You have tons of options when it comes to picking a protein powder: from isolate to concentrate to animal-based to plant-based. Things can get overwhelming... fast. 

So, in order to help you make the superior choice, we compared our mProtein to those other proteins on the market. 

Because we’re all about making your life better — whether that’s through quality products that actually work (and don’t harm the environment), or through a handy comparison blog.

Easier to Digest

One of the most common issues people have with protein powders? The stomach ache (yikes).  Digesting cow whey, which is what most commercial protein powders are made from, can be really hard on your stomach. That’s why we chose to use goat whey instead.

Our mProtein is made from A2/A2 type (cow is A1/A1) grass-fed goat whey sourced from regenerative Amish farms. Plus, goat whey has much less lactose in comparison which is great news if you’re lactose sensitive. It’s even certified halal and kosher, and naturally rich in a bunch of muscle building BCAAs like these:

Also, did we mention we infused it with mCollagen? So, not only does it help you build muscle, but it also supports joint repair, detox, and even melts wrinkles. Adding collagen means you’re strengthening the gut lining, making digestion even easier. Basically, we literally formulated it to be easy on your stomach.

Safe for Kids

Protein powder for kids? Not as surprising as it may seem. Think about it, how many kiddos do you know who refuse to eat anything other than mac & cheese and potatoes? Probably a lot. 

That’s why we put mProtein to the test — literally. The results? A 100% infant grade formula with a higher nutrition profile than any other whey on the market, all because of the type of goat whey we use. If you’re into numbers you can read the report here

And while this is awesome news for the little humans, it’s also great for the bigger ones, too! That’s because checking to see if food is infant grade is the highest level of testing ANY food can go through. 

Additives & Fake Flavors 

If you’ve tried any Crucial FOUR product before you know what we’re going to say. There’s zero, nada, nothing, not even one artificial (or “natural”) filler added to enhance taste or texture. What you see is what you get with mProtein: clean and pure. 

That’s because those nasty additives and fake flavors can have really bad effects on your health — like painful digestive issues. So you’ll never find thickeners, sweeteners, fillers, gums, or lecithin in our protein powder. Instead, we take our cue directly from nature. 

Like when we chose organic monk fruit as our natural sweetener. Unlike other options on the market, we never EVER cut it with anything else (looking at you xylitol). Ours is pure and unadulterated making it a safe and healthy option that doesn’t spike blood sugar levels — or leaves a bitter aftertaste. When we do mix sweeteners, we just add our very own mNectar: organic coconut sap nectar dehydrated at super low temps to keep nutrition density intact. 

High in Heavy Metals 

Did you know almost all commercial protein powders contain high levels of heavy metals like lead, cadmium, and arsenic? If you’ve never heard of those (shocking honestly, because they’re in everything), let us explain. 

These metals can come from contaminated ingredients or poor manufacturing practices and can be incredibly harmful to your health over time. When you use machinery to harvest raw ingredients? Possible heavy metal leaching. When things eat or grow in contaminated soil? Same deal.

The good news is that our mProtein meets the highest standards for purity and safety, and has been proven through third party testing to have almost no traces of heavy metals at all. Wondering why not zero traces? Our world is so dang contaminated that even with being 100% careful it’s virtually impossible for those tests to show fully clean results.

Industrially Farmed 

You know who’s incredible at farming organically? The Amish. They don’t use any modern technology or equipment, which means they do things as old school (and as non-industrially) as it gets. 

Many protein powders use ingredients from industrially farmed sources, which often involve the use of pesticides, antibiotics, and hormones. To make matters worse, these producers also source from more than one farm leaving room for bad quality whey to make its way into the final product. This not only harms the environment but also affects the nutritional quality of what you’re ingesting. 

That’s why we went the Amish route when it came to sourcing. So we know that what we receive is harvested sustainably, ethically, and as high-quality as possible — and you get to sip on the benefits of that. 

GMOs & Glyphosates

Ah, the big Gs — and we don’t mean as in G.O.A.T… well, maybe. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and glyphosates (a type of herbicide) are incredibly common hidden ingredients in protein powders. 

From antibiotic resistance and endocrine disruption, to water contamination and biodiversity loss, all of these can wreak havoc on you and the planet. So, obviously, we banned them from mProtein by only using raw ingredients from trusted sources.

So, Us vs Them?

We’re so confident that mProtein is truly the best option on the market that we’ve had pregnant team members, our kids, and even our elderly parents try it. 

Plus, there’s a flavor for every taste! Into chocolate? Our heirloom cacao option is perfect for every choco obsessed family member. More of a vanilla person? We use REAL vanilla beans! 

Whatever you choose, know you’ll be getting a protein powder that’s as close to pure, unadulterated protein as possible. Just as nature intended. 

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