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Us vs Them: How mColostrum Stands Out

Us vs Them: How mColostrum Stands Out

Choosing the right colostrum supplement can be tough, especially with so many options out there. From high IgG percentages (which might seem like a good thing… might), to high vs low heat processing, agglomeration chemical processing (instantly mixes in water) it's really easy to get overwhelmed. 

But if you're looking to boost your immune system, support gut health, or recover from workouts more efficiently, finding a great colostrum is key. Here’s how our mColostrum stands out against all those other options. 

Grass-Fed… Year Round

Our colostrum comes from cows that get to graze all day every day — aka they’re grass-fed year-round. Eating this way means the colostrum they make is packed with essential nutrients and free from the bad stuff often found in grain-fed livestock. 

Unlike grain-fed cows, ours aren’t exposed to harmful pesticides or GMO through the food they eat, which means a purer product. Using a natural feeding approach like this one also means higher levels of omega-3 fatty acids and CLA (conjugated linoleic acid), both very beneficial for overall health. So, what does all this mean? Basically, colostrum from grass-fed cows means better health benefits for you. 

First Milking (4hr Harvest)

Because of our relationship with the farm we work with, we’re able to collect our colostrum within 4hrs of calves being born. This "first milking" colostrum is the most nutrient-dense and strong. It’s loaded with immune-boosting (and growth) factors making it incredibly powerful for supporting your health. 

This timing is key because colostrum produced within this window has the highest concentration of antibodies and bioactive components. Many other colostrum brands harvest theirs later and you end up consuming what's known as "transition milk" — which will have a lower nutritional value since too much time passed to consider it fresh. 

And don’t worry! We’re not hijacking the baby cow’s colostrum. Because it’s SO nutrient packed they just need a small amount to get all the benefits. The rest? It goes straight to us so it’s not wasted. Plus, considering humans need muuuuch less than cows do, leftovers are more than enough to hit the right spot. 

Unfiltered & Whole

Our colostrum is unfiltered and whole, meaning it keeps all its natural goodness. We don’t filter, granulate, instantize, agglomerate, irradiate, or de-fat it because we don’t want to strip away valuable nutrients. 

Unfiltered colostrum has all the essential fats, proteins, and immunoglobulins in their natural ratios, which are incredibly critical for max absorption and peak effectiveness. Filtering can remove them and make a colostrum supplement much less beneficial. By keeping our colostrum whole, we’re making sure you get all that good stuff — just like nature intended. 

No Additives or Fillers

We believe in giving you the purest product possible which IRL means no additives, preservatives, or binders (or gums) to create the sand-like particles you see in other options. You’ll never find any artificial thickeners, sweeteners, or flavors – just pure, natural colostrum. 

Additives can interfere with your body's ability to absorb and use those nutrients and preservatives (and artificial ingredients) can also cause pretty bad reactions if you have a more sensitive stomach. By keeping all those no-no ingredients away from mColostrum we can make sure we keep things as close to the real thing as possible.

Full Spectrum Nutrients

So, we know colostrum is what baby calves first drink as soon as they’re born. They’re cute, they’re wobbly, and their immune system is basically nonexistent. That’s why colostrum is packed with immunoglobulins like IgG1 and IgG2 the mom transfers to them from her bloodstream to help tie them over as they grow. But, colostrum can also help humans build up their immune system! 

This is why a full spectrum colostrum is so important — and why we’re so insistent on keeping ours virtually unprocessed. Other options offering insanely high percentages of things like IgG might be coming at the cost of ultra processing and therefore getting rid of other important nutrients while bulking up on the ones that look best on a label. 

So, with 1500 mg of IgG, 106.67mg of peptides, and 12.1mg of lactoferrin per serving, our mColostrum is a pretty sweet option to naturally support your body’s defenses. 

Single Origin

We source all our colostrum from one specific farm which means every batch of our mColostrum is considered to be single-origin. Why is this important? Because it means high quality. Being able to monitor the entire production process from cow to calve to colostrum harvesting means getting pure and consistent raw ingredients.

When colostrum is mixed from different farms it’s generally done to cut costs, but what you end up with is uneven quality because each farm has different practices and standards. By sticking to one source, we can keep all those amazing natural nutrients AND keep our colostrum free from unwanted additives. 

So, Us vs Them?

There might be other options on the market, but we’re pretty confident none of them hit like mColostrum does. Grass-fed, low-temp dried, and brimming with all its natural nutrients. Plus, our colostrum has the highest fat & protein amounts out there. 

It’s also non irradiated which means it hasn’t gone through ionizing radiation — a method used in some food processing to kill bacteria, parasites, and other pathogens. Did we mention irradiating also can mess with colostrum’s natural (and beneficial!) compound structures? Yeah, not great. 

That’s why we made mColostrum. An option that’s both effective and easy on your stomach without any unnecessary additives or fillers.

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