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Elk Antler Velvet Extract

mThrive – Elk Antler Velvet Extract


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mThrive – Elk Antler Velvet Extract – Crucial FOUR

Elk Antler Velvet Extract Health Benefits & History

The nutrients in mThrive, Elk Antler Velvet, contains a powerful blend of growth factors that help build muscles, bones and nerves. It is also supports the endocrine system. Containing glucosamine, chondroitin and hyaluronic acid, in a bioavailable balance, it is no wonder that the US FDA has recommended elk antler velvet for health bones and joints. In addition hyaluronic acid promotes quick and effective regeneration of skin, joints, glands and organs as is responsible for many of the antler Helps boost strength, endurance, improve the way the immune system works, counters the effects of stress, promotes rapid recovery from illness, and help with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. mThrive signals the endocrine glands for regeneration, growth, recovery, and assists the tissues such as skin, muscle, nerve and bone for increased cellular uptake on nutrition and regeneration. It helps us allow us to heal Elk Velvet contains Amino Acids including the BCAA’s required for muscular recovery assist with regeneration of balance and regulation. There are anti-aging benefits and recovery from exercise, stress, and injuries, joints, tendons, and ligaments. Key Benefits: Enhanced recovery time Increased endurance Promotes lean muscle mass Sexual tonic Adaptogenic herb Hormone support Mental focus Well being Product Features: Free Range U.S. Elk Humanely Harvested Concentrated 43:1 Before Extraction Extracted in 190 proof Organic Grape Ethanol We have worked exclusively with Elk from the United States. While our products are in the “Deer Antler” category, we have chosen to work with domestic Elk populations because we do not support the New Zealand and Chinese Deer Antler Industry or its practices. Crucial FOURS's Elk antler velvet extract product is sourced exclusively from a single farm in Idaho, where our Elk free-range their entire lives on slaughter-free open ranch lands. We are able to manually clip the tips during collection times making our Elk antler velvet extract the most humane antler extract ever! Our Elk antler velvet extract harvesting process is pain and stress free for these beautiful and docile animals, and is done using a method that differs dramatically from those of the New Zealand and Chinese Deer Antler industry. The health and humane treatment of our Elk populations are paramount to our business model, its culture, and its ethics.

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