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How to get your body into a Ketogenic state without changing what you eat

How to get your body into a Ketogenic state without changing what you eat

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Hey guys, Charles Barber here, and are you looking to go keto? Are you trying to get in that fat burning state to lose weight and look shredded ripped? I'm not shredded ripped. But, I will tell you this. The lot of this information about ketogenic diet. And I want to just go into it right now and I want to actually show you guys how to put yourself in a ketogenic state without eating slabs of bacon and slabs of steak. Because at the end of the day we do need to eat more veggies, we need more fiber in our diet. We do need to stop eating so much dairy and meat as a society and you can still be keto and do that. And that's what intermittent fasting ... yes, I said it. Fasting. Intermittent fasting is a key thing to understand when you want to put your body in a ketogenic state. Because as you go without food for a 12 to 16 hour period, your body naturally goes into a fat burning mode. It actually kind of puts you in that state without you having to eat anything. So you don't have to consume tons amount of fat and do all of this stuff to start to put yourself in this state. And what's really important is that when we look at nature and we see that when we fast that we go into this state, it also tells us that we might not want to be in this state when we do start to eat some of these foods, or using foods as the primary tool to put us in a ketogenic state. And the reason why is because in order to consume the amount of fat and the amount of animal food that you would need to put you in a ketogenic state just with your diet alone, for me, it's just going to jack up my digestion, it's going to actually make me too ketogenic, which is actually going to turn me more acidic and then I'll start feeling some stuff. There was a guy who came up with this diet known as the Atkins diet and it was a lot of protein in that diet. There was also a lot of fat. And that guy died at like 50 years old. So naturally, when we go keto, we see a lot of people adopting a paleo mentality where they just eat tons of meat and they're not eating enough vegetables. They're not eating enough fiber in their diet. And so we're starting to see that they're pushing themselves kind of out of balance and they're becoming a little bit too acidic and they're just eating too much animals to being with. God made ... the creator, designed way more of veggies for us to eat than he did animal stuff. So we really want to think about that. So one of the key things, again, to understand if you want to go keto is to look at intermittent fasting. And the way I like to do an intermittent fast is I like to cut my last meal around like 6:00 and then I won't eat again that next day until that afternoon. Sometimes I'll have a little bit of cup of tea in between there, but I try not to eat any fats or carbs or any macronutrients. I might have a couple herbs to kind of push me through if I need it, but what I found is that I'm actually sharper. I actually like to shoot these videos when I haven't had anything in my stomach and I'm in an intermittent fast. And one thing to kind of demystify intermittent fasting too is that when you leave that fast, you actually go and you actually consume the same amount of calories that you normally would. Now this is where you can actually adopt more of a higher fat ratio diet to kind of help push you in that ketogenic state as well. And it's a whole lot easier to do when you haven't had all that food through out the day because what ends up happening is you start making smarter decisions because you have a smaller window. It allows you to eat later at night, which is good for some people, especially with their schedules. But at the end of the day, it allows you to make smarter decisions. So just wanted to give you guys a little bit of information about ketogenic diet. I'm probably going ... I'm going to do a seminar about it. I'll go in way deeper. This is just a little teaser, kind of take all this information you guys have been seeing about fasting, keto, and really start to understand how it works togethers because it does work together. Because you can put yourself in a ketogenic state without eating anything. Literally. And when we look in nature, when we look at when animals get sick or when animals have issues, what do they go do? They go and lay down an fast in the forest. So that's kind of what we need to start doing. Especially if we have a lot of stress in our lives and especially if we're looking into going keto. All right guys, signing off here. Any questions or comments, please leave them below. I'm going to go deeper in this subject in a new video, so you may want to make sure you subscribe, make sure you're signed up to the newsletter. Aho and namaste.

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