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Heavy Metal Detox 101: Get Rid of Toxic, Heavy Metals In Your Environment and Your Body

Heavy Metal Detox 101: Get Rid of Toxic, Heavy Metals In Your Environment and Your Body

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: A few years ago when I started my health journey, I had some major roadblocks ahead of me. And one of those were heavy metals. You see, when I grew up as a kid, I drank water outta the hose. And when I was 19 to about 19 years old, I actually worked construction. I built arbors, cabinets. I did finished carpentry work. And through that time, I was exposed to a lot of heavy metals. Let alone, in my food supply, but in my day to day work. So, whenever I started my health journey, and actually hitting roadblocks, one of the first things that came up were heavy metals. And I really wanted to understand the difference in heavy metals, and other metals that were good for me. And also, not metals that are heavy, but are just toxic. And one thing that blew me away was that, if we wanna understand how to detox from heavy metals, we have to understand that it's not a one pill, or one month deal. Our environment is loaded with heavy metals right now. And one of the number one contaminants is actually coming out of our tap liquid. Yes, our water out of our sink. Loaded with heavy metals. So, if we go and shower, we don't have a shower filter there ... Anyways, I don't want to go into solutions so much right now. I just wanna create an overall awareness on heavy metal detox. And then, I wanna shoot a second video and really go into the solutions. So, the first things we have to understand is that, if we're unsure if we have heavy metals in our body, or we have high load that we wanna lower, to go and get a hair test. A hair follicle test is one of the best ways to check your heavy metal levels. And it's something that I feel like everyone should do. I've been in the wellness though for ten years. I've never seen anyone who didn't have some type of bacterial, viral, parasite, overload, Candida overload, combined with heavy metals. Those are the two main things. And that's why our digestive restoration is so powerful. Because it gets the body ready to actually chelate all those heavy metals out. And sweat them out with our protocols. But the things that we have to understand is, that our environment is loaded with heavy metals, and we're never gonna be able to completely get rid of 'em. A heavy metal detox is kind of an ongoing process that we'll constantly have to do. And by being able to educate ourselves, especially in the next video about heavy metals. You'll really be able to dial in some things that you should be doing daily to really help get your load down. But, really today, I wanna help educate you guys on your current exposure. Because if you can lower your exposure, and then bring in the solutions, now you've got something that actually sticks. Now you can actually get your load down. So, just straight off the bat, if don't have a shower filter, if you're drinking water out of the sink, or if you're drinking water out of your refrigerator, I highly suggest, you get a filtration system. I'm gonna shoot another video on how I filter water, because I actually distill water. I'm not the guy that does the reverse osmosis. I don't believe in reverse osmosis. However, if you can't get distilled water, that you distill yourself, then I say go with reverse osmosis. Either one of these solutions though, you would need to add water or minerals to. And we would also need to restructure that water. And I can get into that in my water video too. So, I don't mean to send you guys on rat trails, but I have to stay focused here, because one thing we have to understand is, our water is a big part of a heavy metal exposure. The other thing is the buildings we live in. And a lot of us don't have a choice. We can't just go bulldoze down a building and rebuild it. But, the building materials that we live around and around every day, are off gassing VOCs and a lot of these can have heavy metals. So they're in the air. So, what do I say to that? Get an air filter. Get a HEPA filter, get an ozone filter. I don't really have any brands that I recommend. There's a lot of really cool new stuff out. But what I highly recommend is the look, and make sure that these brands are saying, "Yes. We have proven. We have studies to show that these are pulling heavy metals and VOCs out of our environment." I strongly urge that. So, simple things like, getting filtration for your water, especially in your shower filter, that's the first thing to get. To stop drinking tap liquid. If you can't go and get and RO machine, or you can't go and get a distiller, you can easily go and pickup five gallon jugs of water. If you guys know me, you guys know Gerano, who goes and gets the spring water from Canton. Which is the water I'm actually distilling, which I'll go into later. But, at the end of the day, there are other sources out there. And we just have to be educated to know what to go and do. You know, I get to spend all my time researching all these things, so you guys don't have to. So you guys can continue to do the things you love and the things that you do. And you can come to this portal and learn, and educate yourself, to help life your well-being. Because that's one of the number one things that, when we can start to lower our heavy metal load, starts to happen. Our well-being increases. Our ability to have better cognition, better memory recall. Our energy levels. No swings throughout the day. Headaches. There's a lot of issues that heavy metals can bring into our lives. A lot of neurological issues. And, I point to my head, maybe I should be pointing to my brain. Because a lot of these issue stem from the digestive tract. Another thing to be educated on is that, virus', bacteria's, they love heavy metals. So, they have this weird affinity for things, where they wanna coat themselves around to help protect them so the immune system can't get in there. And so, naturally, we have these two and two together. So, by being able to do something like our digestive restorer, we are able to actually start to cleanse the body and get these loads down, simultaneously, the bad bugs, and the heavy metals. But, I just wanted to educate you guys on that. Because it's something that I didn't know. They work hand in hand together. And, at the end of the day, they create a lot of issues. And we just become aware, that if we're gonna do a heavy metal cleanse, they going in and doing an intense cleanse, we're trying to pull all these heavy metals out, is a bad thing to do. Especially if our channels of elimination are open. We can get really sick and really harm ourselves. The idea, or the analogy is, say I have a cup here, and it's filled up with water, and at the bottom, there's silt or mud. Let the silt or mud represent toxins. If my channels of elimination are open, which my number one is my lungs, and a I stir up that water, and have no where for that water to go, no where for that sediment to release, then what's gonna happen? It's just gonna redistribute all throughout that matrix. Which in this case would be our body. And this is where we get a lot of, get into a lot of trouble with heavy metal cleansing too fast. So, just things to keep in mind. Be aware, get your water filter going. Okay. Get a house filter. Understand your exposure to heavy metals. A lot of times, it's coming also, through your food. There's a lot of protein powders out there. Plant based protein powders are loaded with heavy metals. You know, for me, that's why I don't use P protein, that's why I don't use rice protein. And I'm not trying to bag on 'em, I just haven't found one that has a low, low heavy metal load inside of it. Most of it comes from China, or India, and it's just not the best stuff ever. It's cheap, and it's hyper-allogenic, it's vegan and all these things, but, the quality is low because the heavy metals are so high. Another thing is, Chinese herbs. Chinese herb a lot of times are loaded with heavy metals. And as you guys know, we sell Chinese herbs. And what I've found is that, China was one of the biggest culprits for heavy metals. Also, the seafood from China. Loaded with heavy metals. Right? And seafood in general, loaded with heavy metals. But that's why we don't source. I think we source one herb from China right now, and it comes from southern China, and it runs through a distillate CO2 process, so all the heavy metals are pulled out of it. We've actually been sourcing our herbs from other areas outside China. Just for the sheer fact reason, and that also the reason I look for high elevation, wild genetics, and I'm really keen on how things get manufactured. Because we have to understand that a lot of our exposure is big cause to our load. Our heavy load. So, just go over this right quick again. Your water supply, your air quality, and your food supply. These are gonna be the number three areas where you're gonna be getting heavy metal exposure. And that's why we immediately wanna start filtering our water. Especially if we're drinking it and showering in it. Immediately wanna start filtering the air inside of our homes. And then, we immediately wanna be starting to become more aware of, what are the food that have high heavy metals in 'em. A lot of that is gonna be our fish unfortunately. For you guys that love seafood, I hate to say it, but, we probably have to lower our amount of seafood we're eating. But at the same token, there are some solutions we can do to help. Bind up those heavy metals, and get them out. And I'm gonna shoot that, on the next video.

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