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Sprouted Black Rice Health Benefits (Melting Fat & Building Muscle)

Sprouted Black Rice Health Benefits (Melting Fat & Building Muscle)

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Independent studies have shown positive results from Black Rice in weight management, treating various forms of Inflammation, regulating blood, gut rehabilitation and even certain forms of cancer.

Video Transcription

Hey, looking to burn fat and build muscle?

Well, look no more. This is it right here, guys. Our sprouted black rice. This stuff is revolutionary. This stuff actually has an antioxidant inside of it that can actually activate gene expression in your DNA, and actually turn on a gene in your DNA that will tell your body to quit storing fat and start building muscle. Revolutionary. The same gene that gets turned on to build muscle, that turns on. The same gene that tells your body to store energy as fat gets turned off, and it's by this nutrient inside sprouted black rice, known as C3G. This is something that's hot on the radar right now.

You want to pay attention.

Our buddy, blogger Jeremy over at the Crucial FOUR Wellness Center, he's blogging about it, goes into a little bit more information, but this stuff is amazing. They show how this compound can help detox the liver. This compound helps with inflammation. This compound helps pull stuff out of your arteries, so plaque. Helps raise your healthy cholesterol, helps your blood sugar. I mean, the benefits are off the chart, but if you're in a situation where you're looking to put muscle on, or you're looking to lose weight, this is your product. What you want to do, guys, is you want to stack this with mBreakfast, because cacao is a vasodilator, and cacao shuts off the appetite receptor in the brain. If you know, and you're in the know, you know that our Crucial FOUR tonics, the key in that is that it has the black rice, and that's what we've been talking about, and a lot of the post-workouts have mBreakfast, so there's your cacao. The cacao redemption in the green machine. You can get that product online if you're interested in it, and you can pick that up at our Wellness Store, or at ASP, already pre-made for you, and you just drink that post-workout. That way, you can get those nutrient benefits as soon as you get done training. Super powerful product. I'm so excited to bring this to you guys. Again, this guy has epigenetic nutrients in it, and you guys know we're epigeneticists, which means we're looking at how food can affect our DNA and our genes.

This has the compound inside of it they can turn on muscle metabolism, turn off fat storage.

This is revolutionary. I mean a lot of times, there are nutrients in these foods that do revolutionary things for us. Rarely do we see compounds that actually can affect the way our genes express themselves. I'm so fired up to share this with you guys, because I know so many of you have come to me, and so many of you asked, "How do I get muscle gain? What's the best way, Charles? Hey, also what's the best way for me to lose fat?" Both right here. Sprouted black rice, all you have to do is add an eighth of a teaspoon of this. Add this to water, juice. You can add it, again, adding into your mBreakfast with the cacao will help synergize the weight loss, muscle building effects. Also, all the other health benefits of cacao, which you guys all know and love. Again, a phenomenal product. Now, I just want to take a moment here and talk a little bit more about how it's processed, because this is huge, and this is what makes it crucial for quality. We found this organic black rice, and one thing that we wanted to do is we wanted to make sure it was sprouted. Because yes, it's great, these nutrients inside black rice are great, but we knew but we knew if we did not sprout it, that it would probably cause a lot of issues with people's tummies, including myself, and I would like to have been able to take it. We just know that we need to sprout things before we eat them, like our grains that definitely need to be sprouted. A lot of times, they can hold onto certain halide groups that can mess with our thyroid. You do not want that, right?

So we sprouted this black rice, and then we put it in the pharmaceutical freeze dryer.

I know you guys have been hearing me talk about the pharmaceutical freeze dryer, but it is revolutionary. This guy, with it being sprouted, then thrown through that freeze dryer, you're able to actually get more of this compound than ever before in history. Even more than if you cooked it, and obviously that would take too long to do anyways, and you don't have time for that. You can just throw this in your mBreakfast, have it post-workout. Start building muscle, start burning fat, clean out those arteries, stabilize your blood sugar. Get the inflammation down, and start feeling amazing. Now is the time. Here it is, sprouted black rice, direct from us to you guys. Much love. You can find it out on the landing page. You can find out more online. You can check out the blog that Jay wrote, a phenomenal blog. He always blows me away. He's been my best friend for 10 years, and every time he writes a blog I'm like, "Man, I didn't know that. Did you go research online?" You're like, "Oh, no one's talking about that." Because Jay is the man, so thank him for that. Check that out. Check out our ads. Check out our promotions. Get this in your body, it's cheap. I think this guy costs like 20 bucks or something, it'll last you a long time, last you two or three months. Enjoy, and signing off, Charles Barber. Much love, many thanks. Namaste.

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