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A Quick Guide To The Choices You Have When Deciding Which Nootropics Are Best For You

So you've heard all the hype about nootropics and figure you'll give them a try. But how do you know which ones to start with? There are so many out there and on top of that, you can buy each one on its own or in compounds that someone tells you are specially formulated to work together. It's confusing! So before you start taking nootropics, it's important to understand how they work (click here to read about that) and research the different kinds available.

Pick The Right Sources

Nootropics (pronounced “new-tro-pik”) are also known as smart drugs or cognitive enhancers. Basically, they are chemical substances that enhance the way your brain works. Some can be extracted from natural sources while others are synthesized. There are all sorts of different nootropics available, from the chemicals in Adderall to herbs like Bacopa monnieri. You're going to want to try nootropics that are naturally occurring. And on top of that, you'll need to make sure they're sourced in a healthy way. Shilajit, for example, is a powerful nootropic but you need to be very careful that it was harvested and processed correctly so it doesn't have a high heavy metal content.

An Overview Of Great Nootropics

There are far too many nootropics out there for us to cover them all in this article. But we can talk about the ones Crucial Four offers. We source all our ingredients very carefully so you know you're getting the best possible quality. And, unlike some nootropics, these won't make you feel overstimulated. We focus more on nootropics that improve focus and clarity without taking away your ability to relax.

Ashawagandha (Withania somnifera)

This herb mainly works to decrease anxiety. And since anxiety can impair your brain's cognitive functions, it also helps you focus and remember. You'll find it in our mBreakfast blend.

Bacopa monnieri

This nootropic is used to enhance cognitive functions like learning and recall speed, relieve stress and anxiety, and protect the brain. Its nootropic effects are similar to Piracetam (one of the more famous synthetic “smart drugs”). Ours is organic and you'll find it in our mFocus & Relax blend.

Blue Butterfly

Flowers from the blue butterfly pea vine do a whole bunch of good things for your body. As a nootropic, it heightens intelligence and enhances memory via acetylcholine localized to the hippocampus. Click here to order.


It's no surprise that chocolate can make you feel good. In its pure form, cacao is a powerful mood-booster. We use wild heirloom cacao beans to make our mRawBliss and there's also cacao in our mBreakfast blend.

Mucuna Pruriens

This plant contains L-Dopa, which helps your brain produce dopamine to regulate mood and cognition. You'll find it paired with cocoa in our mRawBliss and it's also in our mBreakfast blend.

Holy Basil

Holy basil works to balance adrenaline, cortisol and corticostrone stress hormones. That lets it improve your body's reaction to stress and anxiety, as well as boosting memory and mental clarity. You can buy this on its own and it's also one of the ingredients in our mFocus & Relax blend.


This herbal substance contains fluvic acid as the main bioactive ingredient. It can act as a pain reliever as well as a memory and learning aid. You'll find it in our mFocus & Relax blend.
Even though nootropics can be powerful brain enhancers, you don't want to just start popping handfuls of them. We're talking about something that can change how your mind works and you don't want to mess this up. When you start taking nootropics it's a good idea to begin with natural smart drugs that have a long history of safe use, like the ones Crucial Four offers.

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