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My thoughts on Holy Basil, Stress Support and Health

My thoughts on Holy Basil, Stress Support and Health

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Video Transcription

Stress is the number one killer in America.

What's really interesting is that in Chinese Medicine, before they even address nutrition, they actually address stress, which would really just be a lifestyle, before they even start to apply certain nutritional suggestions. When we look at stress, we see that there is a correlation to a hormone known as Cortisol, which they actually deem it the Stress hormone. This hormone, we need a little bit of. The problem is that when it gets elevated. When it gets elevated, everything kind of expels from in from out from the body. What that mean? It mean your digestion is pretty much shot. Your ability to assimilate nutrients is shot. Your ability to produce serotonin and all the feel-good molecules that make you thrive and feel well, is pretty much shot. When I say shot, I mean it's non existent, it's not happening. You feel like crap, you feel like your world's ending. Even if you're the richest man in Babylon, if you're stressed out, you don't feel like the richest man in Babylon. This is something that's very important. Something that I want to kind of talk about today is some things you can do to help mitigate that stress. The number one thing you can do is just breathe, consciously. Not unconsciously. I work in a clinic and I see people every day. I always ask them when I first see them, if I see that stress is an issues, I say, "Take a deep breath." They always do this. You see all this with my shoulders right. Really, they want to be breathing down here in the belly, like that. That's one of the number one things you can do to help reduce stress instantly. It's free. You don't have to take a break at work. You could literally do it in front of your computer, your boss would never know. No one would ever know but you. It instantly starts to lower that cortisol. A lot of times, you can do these techniques like breathing and what not. Obviously that's applying it to your life in a lifestyle manner, applying a tool to your life in a manner outside nutrition. The second thing that I have done and I've given to thousands of people and it's always worked, it's always worked really, really well when it's applied in the right dosage for the right person, and that's Holy Basil.

The problem though that I've had with Holy Basil is that it tastes terrible.

It's really had to take. As you guys know, I'm anti-capsule. With capsules, the problem is we don't really taste the herb. Even though Holy Basil might not taste great, it's actually extremely beneficial for us to taste it. Then it starts to activate certain organs and meridians in the body that are probably more or less stagnant, which are also part of why we're stressed out. The body's not functioning optimally. You really do want to taste it. The other thing that I've had a hard time with is I saw a lot of standardized products on the market. That's typically what you see out of all the new companies now that, and even old companies, that say they sell super herbs or herbs. They're really just selling standardized products, standardized herbs. What that means is that you typically will use a volatile solvent like methane or hexane, which is extremely toxic. They would kill us if we just drank it straight, but they use that to extract the active constituents, or what science is saying are the active constituents. Even though that might sound great, left-brain on paper, it's actually terrible to actually get that herb to work in the body when you extract it that way. It's terrible. What ends up happening is you end up throwing off the terpenes, the smells and the flavors, and you start to denature certain compounds that are extremely volatile. They're extremely sensitive. What ends up happening is that you get a sub-par extract.

What we've found as we keep educating ourselves more and more, is that we really don't absorb nutrients, bacteria do.

We are made of more bacteria than we have cells. We're also learning that, learning this in farming, which correlates over to the human health and well-being, which is why I'm so involved in the farming, or finding out that bacteria and fungi, they communicate between themselves and through each other, through what's called terpene signaling. What does that mean? That means that this terpenes, or the smells or the aromas, are how bacteria communicate to themselves, and how they communicate to the fungus. Also, how they communicate to the plants. The same thing's happening to us. When we eat something, and again, this is why fresh food is so important, and we all know that. We all know that fresh food is like where it's at. If you can go outside, pick all that fresh food and you can eat it right then and there, that's like the most healthiest way that you can eat food. Grown organic of course, or whatnot, and then grown traditional, in natural farming would make that even better because you're using indigenous microbes, you're not buying . I'm not going to go into that right now though. It's another video for another time. The idea is that when you pick something fresh off the vine that's vine ripened, it's at it's peak rightness, or it's peak terpene expression. When you taste it, or when you pick it, you smell it. That smell also acquires you to taste it. I don't know if you guys have ever noticed this, but if you close your nose and eat something, you don't taste it. When you breathe and you put something on your palette, you now taste it. This is something else that you can kind of put in your mind's eye to help you kind of recognize what I'm talking about, if I'm kind of going over your head about terpene expression. The one thing that I really want to kind of hint on this is how important that is. That kind of science of terpene signaling kind of explains why fresh food is so important. The other thing that I really want to get in on and why I'm kind of so excited about launching our new Holy Basil Freeze Dried is that it actually still has the terpenes inside of it. All we're doing is pulling out the water. That's it. That's all we're doing. There's no methane, or hexane. This isn't even considered a cold water extraction, which we use in some of our formulas, and is way better because it doesn't use volatile compounds, but it's not as good as fresh, Holy Basil. This is the closest thing you're ever going to get to fresh Holy Basil, picked at it's peak ripeness, is this product right here. That's why you only have to take an eighth of a teaspoon. That's the suggested serving size. I like to take about a quarter teaspoon, and I like to take that about two to three times a day. For an average person that just wants to help nurture their cortisol, that wants to help maybe with hypothyroidism, help support that. Someone who's looking to help heal the adrenals. Even someone who is trying to help build their androgens, like their sex hormones. Holy Basil is where it's at. One thing that's so cool about it is that the talk about, the talk about how Holy Basil, when you consume it, it creates an effect in the body of that of someone who just did a yoga session. It makes you feel extremely peaceful and zen, but you're not tired and wompy. A lot of times in society, we think we need energy, energy, energy, like I don't have energy. If your cortisol is high, the last thing you want to do is have a stimulant like coffee everyday. That's just going to add fuel to your fire, and it's going to wipe out your adrenals even more in the long-term. Short-term, it'll boost you up, but even in the short-term, your brain capacity, your IQ, is dramatically decreasing because your cortisol is still high, and you just made it worst by drinking a stimulant. Something like Holy Basil will actually reduce that effect. It'll bring the cortisol down, which then will give you more energy, which then will allow you to focus better. That's really cool because now, we can understand what we really need, instead of being basically susceptible to B.S. marketing that's like, Energy now, Energy now. How many energy products are on the market? It's Quasimodo. Even for us, when people ask us, well I just need more energy. If I don't say, "Oh, this is going to give you energy," then they don't want it. If I say, "Oh, this is going to calm you down," they're like, "Oh, well I don't want that. I need energy. I don't need to be calmed down." What they don't understand is that a lot of times, their adrenals are so whacked and their cortisol is so high that they do need to calm down in order to create more energy. They need to restore, they need to restore their body.

What's so cool about Holy Basil also, is that it's an adaptogen.

It has both properties of a stimulant in a small form, but it also has the opposite properties of nourishment and repair. What's so cool is through that terpene signaling to the bacteria, they, and since those bacteria connected to our body, they will know which part to assimilate from the herb. That's typically, that's what an adaptogen is. An adaptogen can give you energy, or it can bring you down, based on what you need. Who knows what you need? The bacterium do, in your body. They know what's unbalanced because they're doing most of the work for us anyways. When you take something like Holy Basil that's going to nurture your thyroid, it's going to help your adrenals, it's going to help regulate your cortisol and modulate your whole body's response to stressors, now you've gotten the magic bullet. Now you've gotten the limitless pill. Now you've gotten something that actually works. Now you've gotten, you're on the right track.

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