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'Pearlfect' Ways to Use mBalance

'Pearlfect' Ways to Use mBalance

How to use mBalance Pearl Powder!

 We've had a lot of new pearl orders over the past few weeks! It's so exciting to see you all enjoying this product because it is one of our absolute favorites! 
We put this email together to show you all the ways you can add pearl powder to your routine!
From facemask and moisturizers to oral care and baking - we hope to inspire a few of you on the fence about how *pearlfect* pearl really is!
"The high magnesium content of pearl powder can help encourage the removal of toxins in the skin."*
"Pearl powder can help boost your skin’s reparative properties, by triggering the production of fibroblasts which assist with healing."*
There’s not much scientific research on how effective pearl powder is for teeth.
However, anecdotally speaking, the calcium content of pearl powder is thought to strengthen teeth, while the minerals may aid gum health and brighten teeth without bleaching.*
A lot of you have been adding mBalance to your dental routine.
We're excited to get your feedback.
"Pearl powder has been used for more than a thousand years for traditional Chinese medicine, cosmetics, and as a health food substitute."*
"It is dense in protein and mineral content and has been used to treat a variety of skin and bone disorders, as well as palpitations, insomnia, and epilepsy."* 
We love it added into baked goods, yogurt, oats or mixed in smoothies, coffee, tea, etc..

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