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Earth Day: Harvesting Health & Honoring Mother Earth

Earth Day: Harvesting Health & Honoring Mother Earth

It’s Earth Day! That one day a year where we all zoom out and really look at how we're treating our big, beautiful planet. It's a day that's been rallying people together to protect our environment since the ‘70s. And for us at Crucial FOUR, Earth Day is pretty much every day because taking care of our planet is in our DNA.

Our main man Charles, the brains behind Crucial FOUR, has always been tuned into nature. His days on his granddad’s farm weren’t just about playing in the dirt — they sparked a lifelong passion for using what the earth gives us to boost our health. And that passion? It's baked right into every product we create. 

So, in honor of Earth Day, we’re sharing exactly how we work to protect Mother Earth through every Crucial FOUR supplement you take home.

Regenerative Agriculture Initiatives

First thing’s first. It’s not all about how we prevent damage from happening, it’s also about reverting what’s already done. How? By spreading our sustainable farming methods globally! Because organic shouldn’t be the most expensive option on the supermarket shelves. 

Partial proceeds from Crucial FOUR sales are redirected into our very own regenerative farm where we’re working to create the most nutrient dense food in the world. In fact, some of those foods are part of the ingredient list of your favorite Crucial FOUR product. 

We’re on a mission to teach the world how to restore and regenerate Mother Earth, our food supply, and each other — and we’re doing it one crop at a time.

More Planet Protecting Initiatives

Clean Sourcing

How we source our ingredients directly impacts our planet, so we choose our methods carefully. The perfect example? Our mSalt and mMinerals! Harvested from natural deposits without disruptive mining, they’re also processed using geothermal energy (that means zero carbon footprint!) which helps protect the landscape and its biodiversity.

Recyclable Packaging

All our product packaging is 100% recyclable! By using materials that can be completely reprocessed, we can make sure our packaging has a minimal environmental footprint, promoting a cleaner, greener planet.

Made in the USA

To minimize our carbon footprint, we manufacture everything right at home. Local production means less transportation distances which leads to lower greenhouse gas emissions. We support the local economy and ensure strict compliance with environmental regulations — a win win!

Natural Ingredients Only

All Crucial FOUR products are always free from synthetic chemicals, minerals, and vitamins. Instead, we harness the power of Mother Earth by using what she naturally offers. This way you get the purest form of nutrients possible, and we also reduce chemical runoff that can happen from synthetic ingredient production.

Zero Single Use Plastic

Single-use plastics? Never. By choosing to skip (convenient but polluting) single use sachets, we’re reducing our contribution to landfill waste and marine debris. Talk about a significant impact in the fight against global plastic pollution!

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