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Epigenetics 101: Can Changing Your Environment Overcome Your Genetics?

Epigenetics 101: Can Changing Your Environment Overcome Your Genetics?

Charles Barber: Hey, guys. Charles Barber here, and today I want to talk about epigenetics, which is the core to how we study foods and medicines at the Crucial FOUR Wellness Center, which has developed into the Crucial FOUR product line. The study of epigenetics is the study of the environment that our genes are surrounded around. What we've found through Dr. Bruce Lipton's work, that based on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions, our chemistry if you will, that our body will react or respond in a certain way.

Bruce Lipton actually did a phenomenal study on this. He actually took three Petrie dishes and each Petrie dish had stem cells pulled from the same location. So he'd squirted these stem cells into these dishes and then put them into different environments. What happened is, each one of those stem cells turned into different tissues. One was a muscle, one was a nerve, and so on. So the key that we uncovered in this experiment was that it's not necessarily that we're predisposed to our genetic makeup, but we are predisposed to that environment.

So listen here, this is really interesting, because a lot of times we've been told that, "Oh, well, your Dad has heart disease, you're going to have heart disease, but it's because of your genes." Well, that's not necessarily true because it's the environment that our genes are in that are dictating how they're going to manifest and how they're going to all lay out. If we think about it, we're going to probably be ... if we grow up and our fathers are in our lives, we're going to be eating the same food they ate, we're going to be around the same type of emotions and energy that they're around, so naturally we are going to be in that same environment. So it might seem like it's hereditary, and in a way it is because ... but it's not genetic hereditary. It's the fact that our environment is similar.

The whole power and the whole magic in all of this is that you can change your environment by changing the people you hang around, by changing the books you read, by changing the music you listen to, to changing the food you eat, and by doing this, you allow your body to be able to manifest in its highest, its highest genetic potential. That's something that so powerful for us, especially in a day and age like today, where we've had so many issues with our health and wellbeing. There's so much autoimmune conditions going on today and what I see is a lot of just negative attitudes that we're surrounded, a lot of negative energy that we're surrounded around.

I mean, just think about it. A lot of people wake up in the morning, and what's the first thing they go to? Coffee and then they go watch the news. So imagine the type of energy that we're putting our body in, first thing in the morning, before we go out in our day. It definitely makes us think, right? So next time you wake up in the ... when you wake up in the morning or next time you wake up, think about this. Think about, how can you empower your day, so that you can reach your full genetic potential?

Also, think if you are working on some issues that you have going on inside yourselves, by being able to change our thought patterns, our habits, these things can change the way our body is responding to the current issues that we have. Also, changing our food, learning how to bring in healthy organic wild genetic food is really key in getting our body the genetic intelligence it needs to be able to self heal and self correct because we have everything we need inside of us. All the healing genes are already with inside of us and all we have to do is turn them on, and we can do that with our thoughts, feelings, emotions, and food, and lifestyle.

So I hope this information helped to bring some clarity and wellbeing to you because it really changed my life. If you have any questions and comments, please leave them below. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and our newsletter to receive special discounts and savings, and also check out our social media. We're starting to really bring out all the information from the wellness center now, and I'm so excited to be able to engage with you guys online. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you, aho, and namaste.

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