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What Does It Mean To “Eat Clean” And Why Should You Care?

Clean eating is a buzz-word today among people talking about nutrition. The basic principle involves eating foods with fewer chemicals and more nutrients that come from healthy sources. Basically, you're looking for nourishing whole foods as close to their natural form as you can get. Rather than trying to find a magic diet that works for everyone, clean eating focuses on healing your body through healthy eating. I like this idea more than claims that one diet-style will work for everyone. People aren't all the same! We have different genetics, activity levels, ages, genders, and all that can influence what kind of diet is best for us. A specific meal plan that's good for one person might not be the best choice for another. But we can all benefit from paying more attention to where our food comes from and what's in it.

What's In It And Where's It From

When you're starting to eat clean, you're going to pay close attention to what's in your food and where it comes from. This isn't just about picking foods with short ingredients labels (a healthy whole grain bread might have a long list of ingredients, while a sugar-laden candy only has a few). It's about knowing whether or not the things you're eating have real nutritional value. Focusing on clean-eating means finding foods that work for you and then paying attention to where they're sourced. This is what Crucial FOUR tries to do with all our products. We get stuff shipped in from all over the world so we can offer you the purest, healthiest raw food materials on earth.

The Hunt For Real Food

So many foods on our store shelves today are designed to taste good, but not necessarily deliver key nutrients. They're loaded with sugars and fats that your body craves without offering the nutritional support that's actually going to keep you healthy and feeling good. And many packaged foods (though not all) are filled with preservatives, chemical additives, and artificial ingredients that don't do anything good for your body. Clean eating means rejecting foods that don't really nourish you. In practice, it means loading up on plant-based foods and making healthy choices about meats, dairy, and sweeteners. You'll find yourself eating more vegetables and fruits, more whole grains, and less meat. You'll start watching how much sugar you eat and avoiding the more highly-processed foods.

Back To Nature

The bulk of our foods should come from food sources, not out of a lab. And you can do this even if you're on a budget. Clean eating isn't code for "eat expensive or hard-to-find foods." Maybe you don't have access to locally grown organic produce in your area. But you can still choose to make a salad with dark leafy greens and healthy proteins for lunch rather than stopping for a fast-food hamburger. Clean eating is more of a lifestyle than a fad diet. And Crucial FOUR is here to support you in your choice to each nutritious whole foods. Looking for a nutrient-packed breakfast? Try our mBreakfast powder. Want to supplement with vitamins from whole-food sources? We offer products like Vitamin C from Camu Camu fruit and a naturally occurring form of Vitamins D3 and K2. Plus, our blog is a great resource for tips on healthy eating and living. Check out our store, read some articles, and if you've got a question get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

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