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Crucial FOUR June 2018 Monthly Round up

Crucial FOUR June 2018 Monthly Round up

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Hey guys. Thanks for tuning in to the monthly round up video. This is a video we're going to be doing every month. If you've missed the past ones you can check them out, and you really can get a glimpse of everything that's going on with Crucial FOUR, from our events, to product launches, and just up and coming news. Now that I'm not in a wellness center, this is my opportunity to share with the world what's been going on, so any questions or comments below, please leave them. For the month of June, we had two events. We had a yoga event, and we had a holistic wellness of life event. They were both great events but my favorite event was the holistic life event in Plano that VJ and Jennifer Ray run, and why I like that event so much, well, I got invited to speak at it, and I really like VJ and Jennifer. They have done a phenomenal job at the Plano convention center. One of the best events I've ever seen. I mean, it's right up there with the Ison event that we do, and they're right there. They just rock it, so kudos to them. I actually mentioned, I got to speak at that event, and I did a gut and thyroid 101 talk. I've done this talk before, but one thing that's cool is I'm always learning new things, so I actually updated the talk a little bit, and we redid it at the event, and the talk was at 5:00 on a Sunday, so I didn't expect the crowd that I got at Addison, and I didn't, but I had a lot of very interested people. I had almost everyone that was there ask a question. There was a few people that didn't, but for the most part, like 80% of the people there were engaged, asking questions, and then after the talk those people came up to me, so I know it was a great talk. I know it had great information, so if you missed it, it's free on our Facebook live, but if you have any issues with the Facebook live, because I know sometimes the audio can be a little weird, and sometimes, the questions, you can't hear the people asking the questions, but we're actually going to relaunch that video, edited with the sound done right all miked up and everything. You be looking for that on our newsletter, so if you haven't signed up for the newsletter, you got to sign up for the newsletter so you can find out stuff like that. Both those events were great. We had a lot of people get giveaways at the events. One thing I always wanted to say is, if you want to catch me since I'm not at the store as much anymore, go to my talks, because I always try to leave about an hour to two hours after my talks just to talk. Just to be there, and to talk to customers, talk to people, talk to new friends, new acquaintances, meet people. I just love it. That's where I'm allotting that time to do that, so I really look forward to being able to meet you guys in the future if you're interested in talking to me about a certain situation. We're actually going to be another talk in October, but I'll share that later in the next coming months. Other than that, this month in June has been just amazing. It really has been. There's been a lot of weird personal energy stuff going on with me, that I don't really want to go into, but I probably will because you guys know me, I wear my heart on my sleeve, but at the end of the day, we had a lot of blessings, and that's something that I really want to focus on here. I'm going to go right into one of these blessings. there's this ranch that I've been going to for about 10 years. My dear friend owns it, his name is Trevor Cisco, and it is out in Arkansas, it's about four and a half hours away from here, and this place is magical. It's got a creek that runs for it. Basically his place is, it's kind of a primitive spot, but it's got this creek that runs through it that's spring fed and there's trout in it. If you don't know anything about trout, trout like really clean, pure, cold waters, and there's these big rock cliffs and caves everywhere. We're going to be doing a retreat out there, guys. That's what I'm trying to get to here, is that we're going to be launching a retreat out there, and Trevor is actually building roads right now. If you see, go to my IG channel, IGTV channel. I actually shot a video out there kind of showing you guys the property. I've got some new videos that I'll be launching this next month where I'm out there at the property as well, but Trevor, he's paying to get roads built out there, he's building a cabin, they're going to build a pavilion out there, and we get to have events out there now, so I'm so happy. Myself personally, I can do the primitive thing. I love it. I love primitive camping. I love hunting. I love doing things like that, but I know for us to do a retreat, we need to have it kind of softer, a little bit more polished for you guys, and that's what we're going to do. We're actually thinking about doing a little ceremony out there here pretty soon. Those of you that have been on my private email list for that, you'll receive that notification via the phone, or via, probably via the phone, because the ceremonies are these sacred healing events that we do. We sometimes bring in shamans and whatnot, so it's a great place to come to to heal and unwind. We're not only going to be doing ceremonies, we're going to be doing yoga retreats out there. We're going to do summits and have doctors come out and do talks. I really want to blow this place up for you guys to be able to come and educate and learn but at the same time unplug from the matrix, and unwind and relax and heal and dip your toes in that nice cool water and just let go and let God flourish and glow within you, because at the end of the day, we get so caught up in our day to day lives with our work, with our kids, and sometimes we lose that time for ourselves and I grew up Christian and I believe in the Bible and I believe in what the word says and a big part of that message that I hear there is to be still and know that I'm within. To me being still is just being quiet and meditating, just slowing things down, and this is a place you can go and do that. Whether you're Christian or not, every single religion talks about this, so it's something that we all need to do. It's a universal thing, so I look forward to being able to launch that. Be looking out for that information. If you are interested in that information and making sure that you're tuned in to receive that when it launches, you definitely want to check out the newsletter. All right, so the next thing I want to bring up is something that kind of gets me emotional because it's been something that's been on my vision board for 10 years, yes a decade. On my vision board that I set 10 years ago, was a word that I wrote. I wrote, "super food farm." I'm so sorry I get emotional talking about this. We bought a farm. Yes we did, and we couldn't have done it without you guys, so everyone in the community, I owe all of you guys a huge thank you. I'm going to be now able to grow some of these foods and herbs and things that I've always wanted to produce for you guys, I can now do that, on an acre, because that's all I needed and that's what we got. We got a little acre plot with a little house in front of it, and so I'm going to be basically living out there, right. I'll still go to the office here and there, but that's where I'm going to be shooting my next videos. We're actually scheduled to move at the end of this month. We're actually supposed to move today, which is my little one-year-old's birthday today, so we were kind of bummed about that, but some stuff happened with their owners and they had some tax issues, so they have to take care of that and we're good to go. We're going to be moving in on the 27th, so I'm super excited about that. My first crop will really be humming in spring, but I'm going to be doing some soul regeneration work all this fall and all this winter, and I'm also going to be a lot of building a lot of development going on there. If you guys have noticed, I do have a Crucial FOUR Farms page, and I was doing some farming last year. Well, we had a hiccup, so I was on a property, I got invited to move out to, move my whole family out to, but I actually found out the guy that owned it was a little bit misleading and like who actually owned the property. There was a trust on the property, there was taxes that were owed. I'm not going to go into it, but I just want to explain that's why you were seeing that information, and this guy had everything. You guys saw some of the videos that I shot. He had the greenhouses and everything, so I was a sucker because I had my vision and I went in and I didn't do my own diligence, so I learned a lot from that. Plus, I had my child last year, we opened up the tonic bar, so last year was a very interesting year for us, but also an awesome year. We learned a lot but now, boom, we've got the farm. Crucial FOUR Farms is born and I'm so excited. I'm so happy to be able to grow food for you guys, to be able to bring in exotic herbs that I can't get high quality of, that I've sourced, and start to actually grow them and make them high quality with the soil regeneration techniques that I currently have. Other than that major blessing, we did have a product launch. I just wanted to go into that. It was mTranquil. If you haven't seen that video, go check it out because if you know anyone that suffers from anxiety or stress, you've got to get on mTranquil. It's something that I personally take, oh, every week if I don't take it every day. One thing that's cool about mTranquil which is a Reishi Spore Oil extract, which is actually 700 times more potent and powerful than the actual Reishi mushroom that you see that gets powdered and extracted. The spore oil extract is where you want to be. This is something that my wife took while she was pregnant, while we were making the baby, while she had the baby baking in the oven, post pregnancy. Now that my baby's one years old, I give her a little bit directly. My son, my little guy Clifford you guys have seen, that little ball of energy, he's been taking those suckers since he's been born, and in his womb, and it really helps lower stress and kind of zen and calm everyone out at my house. I want to extend that education out to you guys so hopefully it can help calm your families down if they need it. One thing that's kind of a cool little fact about how it works is Reishi mushroom actually works on the same metabolic pathways that like Xanax and all these crazy pharmaceutical drugs work on to help lower stress, so they actually work in the exact same way, except this is 100% organic pure, clean, no side effects other than mood boost and well being, versus all the weird stuff from like Xanax and all that stuff. We've got to get away from that stuff. We've got to stop purchasing that stuff. We've got to start understanding that there's other solutions out there, and this is a solution, mTranquil, so I wanted to share it with you guys. Now, to drop a little bit more knowledge on mTranquil, so if you are interested and it's sparked your interest, go check out that video and you can learn a little bit more info about that. Other than the events, other than this retreat center, other than the farm, other than the new product launch. That's pretty much it. We also had some amazing testimonials come in. We've had some kids that were really struggling, some guys that were working out at- I can't say the college name because it's against NCAA rules for them to be mentioned or promoted, but they were struggling with their recovery at the gym and they were struggling with, they were getting beat up pretty heavy by the coaches. These guys train, these athletes train six, seven days a week. They started using our tonics, those blew up for them and really helped them recover and repair, so we had some kids actually hit some new plateaus. The weight went up in the gym. The rowing speeds, actually some of them were rowers, rowers started rowing a little bit faster and stuff. That was really awesome to hear. Then we had a couple more testimonials come in, but a lot of those you'll see us launching on Instagram and Facebook and whatnot. All right, guys, so that pretty much wraps it up for the month of June. If you've got any other questions about any of these things I mentioned, please leave them below or email us. If you definitely want to, again, tie up to the newsletter, if you are interested in any of this information I mentioned, because that's where we're going to be launching some of this stuff out. All right. Thank you guys so much. Again, I really appreciate you guys. This whole farm thing is just, every time I start talking about it I get emotional. It was a big dream for me. On that note, if you're struggling with something, and you're really trying to manifest something for your life, just stick with it. That's my deal to you. Last year I got hit in the face with, I thought I had the farm, I thought things were going to go well, and I didn't. It all got taken away from me and I had to move out here, and where I'm at now, where I haven't really been able to grow things and everything's in pots. Have I showed you guys all my Chinese herbs are over here on pots and stuff. A real gut punch for me, but I still stuck with it. I still manifested through my visualization of the farm, and I couldn't have done it without you guys, so I just want to put these of encouragement, if there's something that you're trying to manifest in your life, whether it's peace or any type of an abundance or something that's going to help take you to that next level, don't give up. Never give up. Push yourselves. Push yourselves, push yourselves, push yourselves, and remember to take the time to reflect and to relax and to meditate so that you can be a balanced husband, mother, father, wife, mentor, student, whatever you are in your life. Uncle, niece, cousin, whatever it is, so that you can be better for the people in your life, because at the end of the day, by effecting our inner world, we effect our world, which effects the world, and it's just something that we owe to ourselves, through self love. I hope you guys enjoyed this video again. I'll let you go. Namaste and aho.

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