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Baby its Cold outside!

Baby its Cold outside!

Learn How to Thrive in the Winter Season!

With two more months of the winter chill heading our way, most of us probably are still enjoying warming up next to the fireplace, staying inside, sipping on our warm teas and soups. While some of us are dreading the winter cold and wanting to figure out every way possible to stay healthy. That is why we are inviting you to come and bundle up with us this season. Along with giving you some solutions on how to keep your new years resolution of staying healthy up and going. During these winter months as we slow down on our busy lives and spend more time with the ones we love. It is important to know that sometimes not all the comfort foods and new traditional festivities we intake is healthy for us. Sometimes we find ourselves over indulging and over bulging. Which can lead to an increase of stress, weakened immune response and destroy our digestive system. That is why we want to show you FOUR ways you can learn how to combat the stress, support your immune, and digestive system during winter with Crucial Four. 1. Optimized your D3 intake. SUNLIGHT! Sounds simple right? Not so much when it is freezing cold outside, unless your in Texas this season. Even though the weather can be nice sometimes. The winter sunlight is still too insufficient to stimulate production of vitamin D in our skin. That is why we want to make it easy for you to supplement the lack of sun power with our mVita D3. We should be allowed to cozy up inside and save our energy during winter months without having to compromise our health. It is the season to conserve energy and rebuild our health. Vitamin D is necessary for our bodies metabolic health because it works as a hormone. It works with 30 different types of cells in our bodies along with working in the major organs like our heart, kidneys, skin, and muscles. Its three major functions is to help us absorb, transport, and metabolize essential minerals (calcium, magnesium, phosphorus,zinc) that perform vital functions for our bones. Vitamin D promotes proper cell development and helps regulate the immune system. 2. Wake up, Hydrate, Stay Hydrated and Eat Breakfast! WATER is so important for us during all FOUR seasons of the year. Water alone makes up more than 50% of our body weight. Similar to our home-earth, water is very much needed in order for it to function right. It is also very important to know that you are getting the right source of water. We here at Crucial Four recommends using a water source from findaspring.com to locate your nearest spring water or pick up some mountain valley spring water at your local grocery store. Here at the Crucial Four headquarters we are fortunate enough to have one of our fellow friends, Genero, offer his service to us. Delivering us good quality water from our local Canton Spring. If you are here locally with us, the service is extended to all our clients for a donation. What is wrong with filtered/purified water? Because of the strict purification standard it has to go through, this type of water can come from any source of water. The process is heavily regulated and requires the removal of chemicals and pathogens. Also, removing most of the minerals from the water if source from a spring to be filtered. Therefore you are just drinking tap liquid, which will fire up your bladder to use the bathroom every minute. There goes all your hydration! With Spring water, it is usually source from an underground aquifer and is collected when it flows to the surface. Once it is collected, it does not need to go through a process to remove any harsh pathogens or chemicals. This process does not take away from the beneficial microbes from the water that helps us remineralize our body with the natural minerals from the natural spring. Some even say it tastes better, we think so too! and you’ll notice your not having to use the restroom as often. After you hydrated yourself with a good 24 ounce of spring water in the morning, eat a big, healthy, breakfast with all your nutrients you need for the day. No time for a big breakfast in the morning? We have a solution for that! Have yourself one of our mBreakfast shakes in the morning to really get you through the day to. In our mBreakfast blend we’ve discovered four missing food groups we do not get in our standard american diet. These Crucial Four missing groups are superior herbs, medicinal mushrooms, algae, and biotic extracts. We find them to be very important for our daily intake because of the on going nutrient deficiency in our produce in today's grocery stores. Even the organic foods have lack of nutrients but it is still always a better choice to go organic. Therefore, every ingredient in mBreakfast is created to be blended together with only the purest ingredients. We never use fillers, flow agents, preservatives, artificial ingredients, or any by products that your body doesn’t need. Every ingredient in mBreakfast is made to be utilized by your mind and body. It is here to aid and assist you through your day, helping you feel the best ever! 3. Support Your Immune Response with Vitamin C and some Chaga. We aren’t talking about the synthetic form of Vitamin C packets you pick up at Walmart. Our mDefense is our go to daily dose of vitamin C. It is made from a little known fruit called camu camu. This source of vitamin C is one of the highest concentrated food source of vitamin C out there. It's ability to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, detox the body and prevent cognitive disorders are just some of the many benefits this fruit has to offer. We like to say 1/2 tsp a day keeps the doctor away, giving you 400% of your registered daily amount. Now if you really want to bulletproof your immune system to be a rockstar for this new year. Load up with our mImmune which is made from chaga, also known as the King of mushrooms, the Gift from God, and the mushroom of immortality! Chaga is usually found on birch trees, it is there to aid the tree and its longevity. Some of these trees live as long as 10,000 years and researchers has found that chaga is the reason for this longevity. Chaga concentrates natural compounds for its protection, and that is why it is so powerful. To strengthen the tree, as well as heal, it makes potent phytochemicals, including sterols, phenols, and enzymes. Researchers have inoculated sick trees with chaga to strengthen them. People benefit by consuming these forest-source phytochemicals and nutrients. They determined that certain plants help your body fight the effects of stress and disease. They called these plants adaptogens. They discovered that chaga is the most potent adaptogen known. This is why it is the basis for the fight against premature aging and for prevention of serious diseases. With our mImmune you too can experience the health benefits of wild chaga, the plant responsible for the exceptional health and longevity of the Siberian tribes-people. Let the CrucialForce be with you and come learn how to be an immortal Jedi! We know, super corny, but hopefully it gets the point across that chaga helps the force be with you. Ok, we will stop. But seriously come stock up on our awesome mImmune that is a concentrated chaga tincture we created just for you! 4. Move your body! Exercise. It is so important that our body is still active during the winter seasons. We all tend to let the cold, cozy season keep us bundled up as we binge watch all the Netflix series there is to offer. We know taking a thirty minute walk outside can be difficult when it is too cold outside, but there are always creative ways to exercise in your home. Invest in some resistance bands, by moving our bodies with simple exercises like using resistance bands to help stretch and regulate our muscles. We help build our metabolic state to craving more nutrient dense foods like soups and dark leafy greens. When our body is in a stagnant state our adrenals become fatigue, which leads to the cravings of bad foods like heavy carbohydrates and sweets. Winter is a time to store good traditional, nutrient dense foods like bone broth, root vegetables, and high protein. That way the body is ready to spring into the spring season without being bogged down. Keeping the body active and storing these suggested foods in the body during the winter times, will help prevent the body from getting weak and ill. It will make it easier for everyone to build the lifestyle they want, while thriving into the next season. We hope that with these solutions we were able to help educate the principle of harmony between food and seasons based on practical experience. Foods become part of the body after being consumed but the four seasons (that is environmental factors) always impacts externally on the body. Chinese dietary philosophy suggests that you embrace your native foods in addition to eating locally-grown foods and those in season. We hope you stay healthy and come bundle up with us this winter. We promise we will keep you warm!

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