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The Common Sense Truth about Alkaline Water (and How To Get Your Body Alkaline the Right Way)

The Common Sense Truth about Alkaline Water (and How To Get Your Body Alkaline the Right Way)

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Hey guys, Charles Barber here and I wanna talk about alkaline in your body. A lot of people talk about this and it's kind of been a big trend. A lot of people are doing this alkaline water and they think that they're alkalining their body. We know we wanna be alkaline 'cause we know cancer can't live in an alkaline body. We notice that our energy is way better. We're less moody, less mood swings, our blood sugar stabilizes better. Every cell, every function in our body can happen more naturally. It actually has to be at an alkaline pH, which actually is a resonant frequency, as well, which I'll get into maybe in a later video, but we do need to be alkaline. But the key to understanding is that we want our tissues to be alkaline. We don't want our stomach acid to be alkaline. By drinking high pH water, it can be good for a little bit, but I like to tell people it's like medicine. Use it medicinally. Don't drink it all the time because if you drink alkaline water all the time, what's the first thing it hits, guys? It hits your mouth and goes down and hits your stomach acid. If you start alkalining your stomach acid, you're gonna throw off your gut. Your whole digestive tract is actually acidic and you want to be acidic. The key to being able to alkaline your body is to think of the concept of lemons and vinegar. We hear that they alkaline our body, but when you take the pH of these things, they have a very low pH. They're actually acidic. How do they alkaline us? Through the bacteria matrix, that's how they alkaline us. Bacteria can transmit things, they can move things, they can make things happen for us because it's the tissues we want to be alkaline. We wanna keep our stomach at the right acidity level. We do not wanna alkaline our stomach acid and using alkaline water instead of changing our diet isn't going to work. The key to understanding and the key to being alkaline is through the foods you eat and obviously the water you drink, as well, but mainly the foods you eat. It's our tissues that we want alkalined. When we look at our muscle tissue, we see that it's almost like a battery for our cells. It actually holds charge. If our body isn't at the right alkalinity, it can't hold that charge. Alkaline battery, right? Remember, we're more electrical than we're chemical. By being able to alkaline our tissues, we're actually able to create a body that can be more electric, be more alive. But if we're trying to nuke our stomach acid with certain pills or certain high-pH waters, we're not really going in and fixing the root cause of our acidity level. We have to understand it's through our diet. There are some charts out there, alkaline versus acidic foods. You wanna make sure you're eating primarily alkaline foods. One way to always be able to tell if you are is how you feel. When you wake up in the morning, are you groggy? Are you slow? Do you have mood swings? Does your breath stink? All these are indicators that you're acidic and you're not alkalined correctly. When you wake up and you're fresh, when you have great energy, when your body heals rapidly, this is a telltale sign that your pH is spot on. A quick way for you to be able to know if you're alkalined or not is to check your pee. You can get a pH meter and check your pee. Just by checking your pee in the morning, let a little stream come out and check that, that's a way for you to understand, "Oh, am I alkaline or am I acidic?" Then you can make the right decisions throughout the day that I just mentioned, adding more vegetables to your diet because I feel like that's what everyone needs to hear. You know, I'm a meat-eater. I eat meat occasionally, but at the end of the day I'm not gonna be the diehard vegan on you guys. But I will say this because I have been one, we do need to eat more plants. By eating more plants, you're able to alkaline your body more. I hope this video helped you guys. Any questions or comments below. Please subscribe, check out our newsletter. We got awesome recipes, discounts, savings, all types of cool stuff. I look forward to your comments. Namaste and aho.

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