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Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits

Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits

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Matcha Green Tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. The legendary health benefits of matcha have been evaluated by modern science and thoroughly documented in many evidence – based scientific studies.
Matcha Green Tea provides nourishing anti-oxidant protection at its best! This powerful herb is known for weight loss, anti-anxiety, protection against neurodegenerative diseases, energy gain and having powerful antioxidant properties.

Video Transcription

Hey, guys. Don't you hate it in the afternoon when you know you need a little boost, but you know you can't go to a cup of coffee because you won't sleep that night? Or you know that you're fighting adrenal wipe out, and you're trying to restore your adrenals, but you need a solution to help push you through that curve before those adrenals heal? Well, look no further, guys. I found the solution for myself because I've had adrenal fatigue, and I've had to work on my adrenals for years, and it's a Matcha green tea. This stuff is phenomenal. Also, if you're looking to maybe add another tool to your repertoire to help lose weight, or if you're looking for something to help make sure you don't get cancer, and you're looking to ... what are the things that I can put in my body that will help protect me from cancer, or even Alzheimer's, or even cholesterol? Why did I mention all of these things? Well, it's because that's what this supports. It helps support a healthy heart. There's catechins inside of here that help do that as well. Also, there's a lot of other good compounds in here, and I just want to talk a little bit about how I use it first, and then I want to get into that, and then I want to get into our Matcha green tea.

First and foremost, this is freeze dried, so you can just add it to anything.

Doesn't have to be hot, doesn't have to be cold. It pairs well with Blue Butterfly. Pairs well within breakfast. It pairs phenomenal with the oolong, the gynostemma tea. You can go to this in the morning if you need it, but it's also a phenomenal afternoon pick me up because it doesn't have a lot of caffeine inside of it, and it also has a compound inside of it known as L-theanine, which can help balance that, and help the body produce GABA, which then can help regulate your pineal glands, so it can help you sleep at night. If you have it in the afternoon, you're going to be getting that support. So you'll be able to get you a little bit of boost, but you're still kind of clear headed. You're not going to be all out of whack. Then when you go home, your adrenals haven't been totally wiped out, and you can still be present for the kids, for the family. Be there for the loved ones that are your world, and then we go out all day, and we work our butts off, and we come home, and we need to be present for them, so we can cherish them. Because at the end of the day, they're the loves of our lives, right? And so, this is something that's really helped me be ready for that, and be in that moment. The L-theanine does make me feel like it's a spiritual kind of well-being that helps your mood. It's phenomenal.

But the main compound inside of this guy that you really want to focus on is the EGCG.

And it's an antioxidant, and our green tea has been shown to be higher than any others. Our Matcha green tea has been ... I'll go into that later, but this compound, it pretty much does the whole, the limelight of why Matcha is so good for you. It helps with weight loss. It helps support if tumors are in the body, it helps shrink tumors, they've shown. Also, this stuff is great for the heart. It's got the catechins inside of it. I know I mentioned that a little bit. But, at the end of the day, Matcha green tea is something that you can bring in, and it's going just be another tool in your arsenal. It'll help your body stay healthy, give you a boost when you need it. This little bitty bag cost $30, 20 bucks. I think it's only $20 retail. It'll last you two or three months. Put it in your purse, ladies. Guys, you could throw it in the truck, throw it in your bag before you head off to the office. A phenomenal product to bring in. The other thing that the EGCG does is it helps with PCBs not getting absorbed inside your body, and that's huge, because PCBs are things like lead, and these volatile organic compounds that are carcinogenic to the body, and there's no getting around it, guys. We're in an environment that's loaded with this stuff, and we've got to be looking out for things that we can add into our diet that can help emit us from absorbing these toxic molecules, and this Matcha green tea is. Since this stuff is freeze dried ... which is a perfect segue way. I want to talk about this for a second. It's broken down to a dust molecule with our pharmaceutical freeze dryer. We're able to give you guys more Matcha than any other Matcha on the market, because this stuff is going to be loaded with more EGCG, more L-theanine, because you actually get to absorb more, because you get to eat more.

Not to mention, we're not buying this stuff from Japan.

We're not getting this stuff ... I mean, there was just huge radiation in Japan, and I'm not trying to bash Japan and Japan's products, but just be cognizant of that, you know? It doesn't really make sense. We don't source herbs from Japan. Sometimes, we do some of the raw materials, we get from Taiwan, which is a little bit better, and they have a little bit better Matcha green tea, but we're actually going up to northern Thailand. That's where my wife's from. She's actually from Laos, but she's from that area as well. She's got Thai in her blood. We've been there, and it's amazing. It's beautiful. Way up north, you go up in Thailand. We get this stuff grown in the mountains. They pick it. Within an hour and a half, it's freeze dried. It's done. That's done, and then boom, it's yours. That's why the compounds are so much higher is because we're able to pick it fresh and then get it freeze dried within two hours, hour and a half of it being picked. It's revolutionary.

Check it out. Get the Matcha in your body.

It's great within breakfast, great with Blue Butterfly, great to stack with things, great in the afternoon to help pick you up. It can help support your body's, again, ability to help protect you against cancer, help lift your mood, give you a little bit of caffeine. It tastes phenomenal. You can use it with a little bit of almond milk and hot water, a little dash of almond milk and our vanilla cream stevia. But anyways, guys, give me your recipes. Send them to me on Instagram or Facebook if you want. Like the video above. Thank you, guys, for watching. Namaste.

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