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Crucial FOUR: Making Health Happen

Crucial FOUR: Making Health Happen

Check out this recent article courtesy of Addison Magazine! Addison Magazine | By on January 2, 2015

Making Health Happen

You are what you eat. We’ve all heard the saying and in a perfect world, dieting wouldn’t be a hassle. Our time wouldn’t be limited, our funds would support it, and our grocery stores would carry the necessary ingredients. Well, what if we told you there is a store that makes maintaining a healthy lifestyle just that simple? A place where you can find the ingredients and nutrients your body craves, resulting in a new found energy and zest for life. Crucial FOUR offers just that. Crucial FOUR, headquartered here in Addison, strives to provide its customers with natural ingredients to support the body’s ability to maintain and restore health and balance. Ingredients are sourced globally and combined into meal replacements and shakes, water infusions, oral concentrates and healthy snacks, becoming an indispensable part of an individual’s diet and daily routines. Essentially, Crucial FOUR takes wild heirloom varietals that “target the needs of the four critical systems of the body that most influence your health and vitality,” according to the website. Specifically, the products support the Cardiovascular, Immune, Endocrine and Digestive systems. So, is Crucial FOUR a supplement company? No. Is it a food company? No. Crucial FOUR is a combination. Founder, Charles Barber emphasizes the importance of the saying “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food.” “We need to stop separating our vitamins from our food, it needs to be one in the same,” stresses Barber. During his college career, Barber was feeling lethargic, his motivation and drive were minimal, and that infamous college diet didn’t seem to be helping. He began to search for concrete answers and what he found changed his life forever – he found his purpose. Barber traveled to South America, he researched the wild genetics behind ingredients and took note of how various herbs were being used in their raw form. What he found was a missing class of nutrients – a class of herbalism that was in fact food – tonic herbs. Through regular consumption of these tonic herbs, the body can maintain it’s self-regulatory capacity and function at an optimal level. “We mis-categorize what’s important. If we can give our bodies what we need, then we can feel alive. If we feed our body properly, then our body’s own natural mechanisms will turn on, there will be a chemical reaction and we’ll awaken the mind’s eye!” Barber exclaims. What makes Crucial FOUR different from companies with a similar goal is that “there is integrity in the formulation and the processes involved. There is a dedication to always finding the wild genomes at the origin. There is simply nothing synthetic, artificial, fractionalized or unnatural about it.” Additionally, the company is built on the premise that the customer will get 1000 percent more than they expected from Crucial FOUR. With detailed step by step processes, ethical manufacturing and forward thinking, Crucial FOUR is sure to change your lifestyle. In fact, they’re positive that by delivering total body solutions, they’ll create a happier, healthier community right here in the North Dallas Corridor! With their newest website feature, the Learning Center, individuals can educate themselves on what the world has to offer. And by bringing awareness to healthy foods and the positive effects on health, the community can set a standard for others to follow. Barber also likes to hone in on the three E’s – effective, economical and efficient – and with Crucial FOUR products, customers are able to see and feel the results within just three days on a budget that won’t break the bank! Overall, the company aims to “give the consumer consistency in an inconsistent market place.” It strives to bring youth back to an unhealthy, unhappy nation – one that lost its way, and needs a little guidance. According to Barber, “Many consumers these days are at the mercy of the manufacturers, even if you are great at reading labels and are a very educated consumer, it’s still difficult to find good quality. It would be nice to be able to trust a company. We want our clients to know that we are always looking out for them; we are trying to deliver the absolute best quality available.” So, what are you waiting for? It’s a new year and we all know how often we attempt to commit to a healthier lifestyle – make it happen this year by checking out Crucial FOUR!

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