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Gynostemma Tea Protective & Adaptogenic Health Benefits

Gynostemma Tea Protective & Adaptogenic Health Benefits

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Gynostemma Tea nourishes and protects your body on every level! It’s known for promoting longevity, lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight control, and having powerful antioxidant properties.

Video Transcription

What up, guys? Charles Barber here.

And imagine an herb that can help give you energy in the morning and help you sleep at night. An herb that can help regulate your cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar, anti-cancer, anti-aging, and that it can actually help keep your cells from dying.

Well, look no further, guys. We've found it and we've had it for a long time at Crucial FOUR, but we're just now really talking about it. It's gynostemma, and that's this guy right here. This herb is a phenomenal herb that I first discovered doing research on blue zones. There's actually a longevity area in the province of China where this tea was drunk every day and these people lived above like 80, 90 years of age, and they called this stuff miracle grass. That's what they called it, and now you guys can have it. You can bring this into your life. It's really easy to take. All you have to do is heat up some water to almost boiling and then you just pour that water over a teaspoon of this if you're having just one cup, and then you can actually eat those leaves afterward. This is a phenomenal tea that's extremely easy to take and it tastes amazing. I know you guys have heard me talk about taste and talk about how you've got to push through that, but not with this guy. It actually kind of has a sweet taste, and that's actually how it started to get discovered by the mainstream is that they were looking for an alternative sweetener and they found this guy. What makes this guy so powerful is that it's the most nutrient dense herb in the world, guys. When you go online and you see, oh, gynostemma has 80 saponins, which are actually what's inside of it, the missing nutrient. The Crucial FOUR missing food groups, the missing nutrient is a saponin, okay? They say, "Oh, it has 80, maybe 100. Something like so." Guys, when you really look at the research and you really study it, Japan's actually the leaders in that with gynostemma, over 180 saponins. Just blows me away.

Over 180 phytonutrients that are missing from your diet that are going to help regulate your sleep, your immune response, your stress response, your hormones, your body's cholesterol, blood pressure, blood sugar.

This stuff is amazing, and not to mention the adaptogenic qualities it can give you. The longevity qualities that it can give you, which kind of are all listed in that repertoire. The thing on the longevity that's really interesting that you really want to pay attention is that there is a saponin inside of here that can actually help shut off the gene in your body known as nuclear factor kappa-B. This is has been known in research to show that when this is active in the body it's like the seedbed of inflammation, and as we age this actually turns on. This turns it off, guys. This herb also has glutathione inside of it, which is also an anti-aging herb. Really helps protect the body. Again, one of the things that really want to understand about this tonic herb gynostemma is the value that it can bring to us. It's extremely economical to take. When you look at all the benefits, there's no way I could've listed them all in this video, but they will be listed on the blog. When you look at all those benefits that it has because, again, it has over 180 phytonutrients inside of it. That's insane. When you look at that and you look at the cost of it to make you've got to put it in your repertoire. You've got to have it because it's economical, it's extremely effective, extremely beneficial. One of the main things, again, that it does is it helps regulate your ability to deal with more stress. When you're able to do that, you're able to do more. You're able to push yourself through that stuff and get more stuff done at the end of the day, and that's extremely important. It's also known as a major organ tonic, so that means it nurtures all the major organs in the body, but specifically the lungs.

It's a great lung tonic.

A lot of people don't realize this, but the lungs are your number one organ of detoxification and elimination. Some people will say, "Oh, it's bowels. Oh, it's your skin." It's not. It's your lungs, and if you think about it, it makes sense. Exhale. I'm exhaling way more than I'm using number two or even sweating for that sake, so it's something that we really want to bring in our diet. Especially if we live in an industrial, revolutionary age or if we live in the industrial age, which we still kind of do in a way. Especially if we're in downtown areas of heavily, densely populated areas. Even if we're on the outskirts of areas like I am here. There's still pollution everywhere out here. Gynostemma is something that I brought into my life. These are so beneficial for your body. They're the key missing nutrients that, again, I'm going to list it. Help regulate your cholesterol, your blood pressure, your blood sugar, help shut off the nuclear kappa factor B, genetic expression, getting the inflammation down, helping up-regulate your natural endogenous anti-oxidants SOD so you can have endurance and stamina in the gym. You can go a long time and work really hard on that. Also, the glutathione. Also, some research going on about anti-cancer and how this stuff can actually break down tumors in the body. It's just it keeps going and going. Modulates the immune response, so if you've got any type of damage going on in your body, like too many viruses or bacteria or anything going on in your immune system, this can help regulate your immune response. It also tastes amazing. I said it once, I'll say it again. It tastes so good. I know I mentioned it a minute ago, but all you have to do is just get some hot water, let it steep for about three minutes, and then you can drink that. You can have the tea. If you're like me and you want to have it but you don't have time to do that all the time just make a big batch. Get you the old Kool-Aid jug, right? You're not using that anymore because you're on Crucial FOUR, right? But now you can bring that thing out and you can let that go, make a big batch of it. You could even do sun tea with it. You can do infusion, concoction. You can do whatever you want. You can put it in a tincture. We just have the leaves. I showed you those pictures. I was walking with them and I dropped them, or I show them again, right? But I didn't because they're on the ground. Those leaves you can eat, you can do whatever you want with guys. It's up to you. Again, just getting some hot water right before a boil, letting it sit there, that's the easiest way to have that. Again, a phenomenal, phenomenal herb to bring into your repertoire. So excited to share with you guys. It's helped me tremendously lift my mood, but help me deal with stress. I like stacking it with the blue butterfly. I like stacking it with the pearl, so it goes great with other things. It's a great base to be in mBreakfast. If you're looking for a way to kind of maximize your effectiveness and you're already on some Crucial FOUR products, man, you let that be your base because, again, it was kind of looked at in research initially because it was sweet and they were looking for an alternative sweetener. It tastes amazing. You guys know mBreakfast tastes great in water, so when you add this tea not only are you getting all those extra benefits, all those phytonutrients, over 180, plus the benefits of mBreakfast? I mean, come on. That's actually what I did for years. That was my base, so phenomenal, phenomenal herb. Put it in your repertoire. You won't regret it. I promise. Guaranteed or your money back. Check us out. CrucialFour.com. Check out the Instagram. Check out the page we're dedicating to gynostemma. You will be blown away by the research that Jeremy's doing on the blog. The Instagram posts, we'll be doing all this week. It's just it's mind-boggling. I wish I could go over all of it. I'm kind of pushing this video a little bit longer, and I'm going to stop. Get on the gynostemma. It's phenomenal. You will not regret it. All right, signing off. Hope you guys enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching.

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