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Fix Your Gut and Get Healthy Today With Digestive Restore

Fix Your Gut and Get Healthy Today With Digestive Restore

Video Transcript

Charles Barber: Charles Barber: Hey guys, Charles Barber here and today, I want to speak about something that is life changing. And it all started with me about 10 years ago. I personally, 10 years ago, struggling hardcore with depression, anxiety, mood swings. My energy was everywhere. Some days I was up, some days I was down. And it really wrecked me. And it wasn't until I started to understand the dynamic of my gut microbes and how the food I was putting in my body affected the way that I felt, and affected the way my body metabolized things. And affect the way my body produced all the chemicals it needs to produce, and reactions it needs to produce to keep me healthy. And it created the solution that we have at the Wellness Center known as the Digestive Restoration. And this is something that has saved lives. Not only my own, but many other. I've had many people come to me that they were told that they were on their deathbed. Some of them had cancer, some of them had weird autoimmune diseases that doctors didn't know what they were, what to do. And we put people on this program, this program that I have actually been developing for the last 10 years. And it's something that has changed lives. And that's why I wanted to shoot this video today because, that's what we're about at Crucial Four journey is our passion and with that came our own passion for our own journeys. And the information that we obtained during our own walk through this wellness journey if you will, which we're all still on. Especially myself, I know I still have things that I have to work on, as well. It's something that really can help elevate you to that next level and really go down to the root cause to all disease. And that is in our stomach. And guys, I just want to really take a minute here and shift gears on why our digestive health is so important to understand. Because, once we understand this key concept of our bacteria, which I shot in another video, and I go into even deeper, then it all makes sense. So, we have over 150 trillion cells in our body, and we have 10 times that amount in bacteria. So, we're mainly bacteria and once we understand this, everything changes because now when we look at restoring our gut, we look at how can we restore the environment that will allow the beneficial bacteria to thrive in? Because the catch 22 is that, not all bacteria are bad, some are good. And a lot of the bad bacteria love an acidic environment. They love it when you eat hot pockets and too much bread and bad cereal and grains and too much ... And herbicides and pesticides laced in the food. And heavy metals and the list goes on and on. Viruses, fungus and bacteria love to thrive off these things, and I'm talking about the bad guys. So if we don't understand this matrix because it's a dual matrix. We're either going to have an abundance of bad bacteria or an abundance of good bacteria. And even though we've been sold this whole idea of sterilization with all these antibiotics, which have caused a majority of all this pain. Then we'll never truly fix the root cause. But now I feel like with this information out there, and other people speaking about this, that we all have a better understanding of how to heal our lives through healing our gut and restoring it. And what we offer at Crucial Four is what's called a Gut Restoration, and it's the first phase in healing your body. You know, some people like to just put people on a detox or go straight to a cleanse, and I say. "Do not do that!" I did that, and I harmed myself. And I've seen thousands of others harm themselves as well, by not restoring their gut first. You have to, you have to create some homeostasis so that the channels of elimination can open up in your body so that you can then release. If you're clogged, and you try to force stuff down a clogged pipe, what happens? It just redistributes and back logs on you, and that's exactly what happens when you try to cleanse or detox, and you haven't created a sound digestive system yet. So the first phase of restoring and what we do with this restoration is, we get the load down. We get your viral load, bad bacteria, parasite, bad fungus load down, and start to incorporate healthy foods that are whole food based. And we also incorporate a bone broth feast in this and then, there's a whole supplement regime that really can go in there and lift you while you experience this instead of, slamming you and expecting you to deal with life with no energy, with de-toxins floating around in your body. So, we've designed this program to be able to build you and lift you. You might ... Some people that are real toxic ... Had a Stage 4 guy, he went through a little bit of cleansing for a little bit, for a long time. That was a little different though, he wasn't' going to work. But for those of us that still have to go to work, still have to do the day-to-day, you can actually do this restoration, it's not hard. I've even teamed up with some Chefs that can prepare all the meals for you if you need that. But at the end of the day, with the restoration, not only do we go into what to eat. We actually give you recipes. Breakfast, lunch, dinner for a whole 30-day regime. We start out with four days of this feast, breakfast, lunch, dinner. We lay it all out for you. Then 17 days of breakfast, lunch, dinner recipes. So, it's extremely easy to do once you get that four days under your belt and once you start educating yourself. And with this program, you have my cell phone and Jay's cell phone number on your phone. So for that 30 days, you can text, us email us as much as you want. We don't put a limit on it because, the goal is to educate you guys in this restoration so that then, you can use it again later on because, we know how life is. We know that we cleanse, we start to restore things, start feeling better. And sometimes life can catch us again, we can go back and our goal with the Gut Restoration is to create a template or a Bible if you will, that you can have as a reference guide for the rest of your life. And it's something that you can utilize. So, I really am really serious about this guys. Because I feel like everybody needs this. I've never met anyone who doesn't have some type of gut or bug issue going on, and this is something that you can apply to your life. It'll lift your ... You'll notice your mood lifts, you just become more regular. People that want to loose weight, people that want to get rid of inflammation. People that want to get rid of chronic headaches, pain. People that want to ... Bloating. Any type of digestive issue at all. Any type of viral issue. If you've got any type of virus that's on you, whether it be something in your mouth. Whether it to be a sexually transmitted disease, this Digestive Restore can help restore balance to your body so that you can get a pulse on the issues that you're dealing with. And so that you can heal yourself with the natural mechanisms in your DNA. And the Gut Restoration helps create a platform for that to happen. So, if you'd like more information please send comments below. You can email us or text us, but I just wanted to shoot this video to launch it, so you guys know it exists. Not a lot of people know that this service exists, and it's something that we've been real busy in the backend just trying to keep up with everyone that needs it. But now, we've got ... I've got Jeremy locked in now, he can run the event ... Run the restoration now. So now we can both tackle it, we can both knock all this stuff out together with you guys. So I want you guys to know, this is a service we offer. You can actually book this service on our website, you can go to the little Book Now, the service page. It's called Digestive Restoration, and you can actually see a schedule there to book your initial consult for that. And it goes into everything, guys. So, I'm talking too much more about it as I already have. But it's something I truly believe everyone needs to do because it's something that not only, they can utilize it and do it for that 30 days. But then, they can use that later on and they can do modified versions of it. And I'm always there to help kinda, create that platform if need be. But it's something that's changed thousands of lives, it's changed my life. Changed my wife's life, changed my son's life. It's changed everyone's life that has listened to me, that has utilized it. It's always been something that we all commonly say. "That was magical. That ... I need to apply. I'm so thankful, I'm so glad I have it." Because it's a tool that you can use the rest of your life. So, I look forward to hearing your questions and comments, guys. And I'll see you guys on the other side. Thank you so much for watching the video.

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