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4 Ways to Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning

4 Ways to Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning

Spring is hear love is in the air, and people are clearing the trash and clutter out of their lives. Spring cleaning has become and annual event that I remember fondly from childhood. While everybody is in a cleaning mood we might as apply this thought to the body. This is a great concept as it is good to get rid of things that no longer serve you. Here are four tips to help you spring into health and start the cleaning.


Sweating is a major aid when it comes to getting toxins out of the body. After the terrorist attacks on September the 11th many of the fire fighters and law enforcement officers where suffering toxicity issues. The program that received the grant money to clean these individuals utilized sauna as an integral part. The program was referred to as the “New York Detox Project”. There where many reports of the participants having towels that would be blue and even black after soaking up their sweat. This was because of heavy metals leaving their bodies. Manganese as it turns out was responsible for the blue tint left on the towels. A very similar protocol is used in a program that is treating “gulf war syndrome” headed by a Dr. George Yu, with miraculous results. Other components of this program include exercise and niacin. If you decide to add this tool into your health habits make sure that you are replacing your electrolytes with something like coconut water. Even adding a pinch of something like icelandic sea salt into your water does wonders.


Internal detox tools

There are many tools out there that can aid in internal detox. In this blog we will be focusing on tools that we use personally. However you are not limited to these internal detox tools.

Activated Charcoal

If your child swallows poisons there is a very good chance that they will be treated with activated charcoal. This method is used much more often than "stomach pumping". This method of treatment has been used for centuries and is still a relevant as a treatment today. It is also a great thing to take to aid in getting toxins out of the body. It does this with a process called adsorption, which is the process of a compound binding to a surface. After it attaches to a compound your body will excrete it. Never being absorbed in the first place. In many cases this relieves the pressure from gas and bloating. Toxins in the body can lead to body oder and bad breath, which is why it helps with body odor and halitosis. I wouldn't take activated charcoal at the same time as other supplements as it can reduce the absorption. The most highly recommended source of activated charcoal comes from coconut shells. For this reason we use coconut shell activated charcoal in mDetox.



Another tool to aid you is in your internal detox is schizandra berry. The reason that I recommend this herb in particular is that it is the only known herb that allows the liver to go into stage 1 and stage 2 detoxification. Your liver acts as a filter to the blood. Schizandra increases the production of enzymes that the liver uses as well as increases antioxidant activity. Schizandra has also been shown to aid the liver in regeneration. This is the primary, well the only for that matter, ingredient in our mRejuvenate.



The next tool is Chlorella, a single celled blue-green algae that is loaded with chlorophyll. There are multiple studies that show chlorella aids in the removal of different heavy metals. One study showed that mice that where exposed to lead, and therefore had a damaged thymus, where given a chlorella extract. The rats recovered the weight that was lost in their thymus from the damage. The thymus produces a number of hormones and is heavily involved in regulating the immune system (T cells in particular if you are interested). Another study showed liver protective effects in rats that had damaged livers induced by cadmium toxicity. To obtain this tool you will have to come to our wellness center.



We are mostly water. You will see the relevance of this shortly. Statistically 1 in 3 people will get cancer. That is 1 in 2 men and 1 in 4 women. Do you believe its the same for athletes? A little Tony Robbins tip, it's not! The statistic for athletes is 1 in 7 will come down with cancer. This is most likely a result of their breathing. The lungs are actually attached to a muscle that aids in the breathing process. This muscle is referred to as the diaphram. The majority of people breath without the use of their diaphragm. Therefore a lot of people only utilize the top third of their lung capacity.

The lymph

The reason I am mentioning this is because taking deep diaphragmatic breaths increases the flow of lymph fluid by 15 times. The lymph is the bodies transport system for the majority of white blood cells. It basically filters the water that makes up our body and allows white blood cells to move throughout the body to fight infection. For this reason I have made sure I added deep diaphragmatic breaths to my daily routine. breathing-mechanics356

Eat and drink clean

The cleaning is very important, but once you get all the junk cleaned out you don't want to throw more junk in its place. If you do eat junk food, I would suggest try to make sure its with mDetox. If you are up to it and have room to improve your daily habits to healthier ones now is the best time.


One big recommendation is to eat more fiberous foods. These include leafy greens, nuts,seeds, fruits, and just about anything that comes from a plant. This will not only help to strengthen your micro biome, but will also help with the internal detox as it will help move the bolus, the partially digested food, through the intestinal tract. It will also help you mentally as it strengthens the micro biome. The micro biome is responsible for the production of approx. 90% of serotonin production, about 60% of dopamine production, and increases the amount of GABA (gamma aminobutyric acid) receptors in the brain.

leafy greens


For water, I personally don't consume anything from the tap. Reason being tap water contains fluoride among other things. For instance just about every municipal water supply in the US has trace amounts of radioactive tritium in it. This comes from chemotherapy agents that are urinated into the water supply from patients getting the chemo treatment. Fluoride is a known neurotoxin. Also you can call up your local municipal water supplier and they will usually have a list of known pharmaceutical contaminants with the amounts. Therefore I personally find a clean local spring, as the filters aren't guaranteed to remove everything. Notice that it says removes the odor and taste of chlorine. Not that it removes chlorine itself. All things considered I guess they are better than drinking straight tap water...

brita water filter britta taste and odor

In Closing

Hopefully you found something in this that you will be able to add to your health arsenal. I would also like to add that these can have a synergistic effect when used together. For example activated charcoal can be used along side the sauna. It helps take out excess toxins that the niacin and sauna bring into the blood stream. Precisely why activated charcoal is used in some of the programs spoken about earlier. If you would like any of the internal detox tools mentioned here check out our online shop of stop by our award winning wellness center.


Say YES to your Health!


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