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In the month of November Crucial FOUR had the opportunity to reach Maui residents with the Crucial FOUR products during a nutritional education seminar. The Crucial FOUR team was in full gear led by Founder and CEO Charles Barber during the week-long stay at Maui. The event was hosted at One Love Market in Paia, HI, where local residents were educated about Crucial FOUR nutritional strategies. “What an exciting time to be able to educate the residents of Maui on a missing class of nutrients that is now unlocking their true energy potential. I am looking forward to more adventures across the country that will bring Americans closer to the four pillars of well-being and Crucial FOUR.” -Charles Barber (CEO) In addition to the live seminar Crucial FOUR is excited to announce the upcoming launch of a new product that is in now in the works! After recent partnerships in Maui Crucial FOUR has developed the resources to create a completely new and amazing product based from the tropical fruit Noni. We can’t give away too many details as of yet, but be on the lookout for your new favorite energy booster shot coming soon!

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