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The Fountain Of Youth In Your Kitchen, Part Three: Plants That Keep You Young

For much of history, humans have been obsessed with a search for immortality. But while the Fountain of Youth and other magic sources of eternal life are just myths, you can stock your kitchen with foods that will help keep you looking and feeling young even as you grow older in years. For the first two posts in this series, we covered principles for how to eat younger (Part One) and biotic extracts (Part Two). In this final post, we'll talk about different plants with anti-aging properties that you can add to your diet as natural supplements.


The Chinese have believed for a long time that drinking tea promotes longevity. In more recent times, researchers are finding evidence to back-up the legendary health benefits of Matcha Green and Gynostemma teas. Green tea's widely-known health benefits include weight management, brain stimulation, and longevity. Japanese studies have found that individuals who drink 5 cups of green tea a day live longer, healthier lives than those who don't. Gynostemma is widely popular in the Guizhou province of China. A 1970s census of this region found a large number of people there living to 100 years of age and older. After more research, a team at Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences linked this high life expectancy to drinking Gynostemma tea, which contains a high amount of saponins. They also found that people who drank this tea had a low risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke, dementia, and other medical conditions.

Adaptogenic Blends

Several plants that have anti-aging properties are also adaptogens. These types of plants all help your body regulate stress naturally. Some of them have additional benefits as well, including the 8 adaptogens that we put into Crucial Four's mImmortal blend. This blend includes Astragalus, Bupleurum, Codonopsis, He Shou Wu, Rehmannia, Reishi, Salvia, and White Atractylodes. We also offer a few other anti-aging adaptogens on their own. These include Chaga Extract, Holy Basil, Pine Pollen, and Resihi Spore Oil. Like all adaptogens, they help your body respond to stress in a healthy way. And they also have additional benefits that promote good health as you age.

Grain, Berry, and Spice

Anti-aging compounds aren't confined to just a couple types of plants. You can find them in everything from grains, to berries, to spices. Crucial Four offers several products that fall into this category, including Black Rice, Schizandra Berry, and Turmeric. At one time in ancient China, only royalty could eat black rice because it was thought to prolong life. Since it is highly nutritious and full of age-fighting antioxidants it seems they weren't too far from the truth. The Schizandra berry is also high in antioxidants to combat aging at the cellular level. And turmeric contributes to longevity through its well-known anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting properties.
Whichever of these anti-aging plants you choose to incorporate into your diet, the best place to get them is Crucial Four. We're very careful about where we source our natural supplements and guarantee that you're getting a pure form of these plants. We don't use any weird additives -- just nutrient-packed foods in a convenient, easy-to-take form. Click the links in the article above to start shopping, or click here to visit our online store.

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