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Todd Meier - Crucial FOUR

Mayor Todd Meier of Addison Stops by Crucial FOUR

This week the Mayor of Addison, TX wrote a piece on his blog about his recent visit to the Crucial FOUR headquarters. Read the article below!

November 28, 2014 | By: Mayor Todd Meier Dear Neighbor, I wish you an enjoyable Thanksgiving weekend, filled with the joys of family, food, and friends and time to recognize and be thankful for our many blessings. Business Development As you know, our Addison business community is incredibly diverse with businesses large and small, complex and simple, some with lots of employees and some with just a few. All are very important to the dynamic fabric of our business ecosystem. This week, I visited the Crucial Four headquarters at 4950 Keller Springs Rd, Suite 170, at the invitation of Dr. Michael Romine, one of the two employees of this new health food business. Dr. Romine and the company’s founder Charles Barber gave me a tour of their relatively small 1,500-square-foot space, where they squeeze in product development and packaging, and still have space for offices and a retail sales area. After three years in this space, they are ready to expand and hope to double the size of their headquarters in the next several months. As a holistic nutrition company, Crucial Four imports ingredients including wild genomes and organic farmed products from all over the world to create new energy and health products. For working in such a small space, they certainly accomplish a great deal; in just the brief time I was there, we had our visit and they took care of two very pleased customers who were returning for more products. They have a remarkable list of testimonials from clients who sing the praises of their products. Both Michael and Dr. Romine love being in Addison! They originally chose our Town because of its great location, close proximity to all of their clients, and easy access to areas to the north and south. Due to our business-friendly environment and exciting new growth, Crucial Four is staying and expanding right here in Addison. Call their office at 888.614.7044 or visit their website to learn more about this great local business. Again, on behalf of our entire council and staff, we hope all of you had a very special and happy Thanksgiving! See you soon, Todd View Full Article...

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