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Eat Your Greens: 5 Exciting Health Benefits of Green Foods

Parents have been telling kids to eat their green vegetables for years. While the kids might think this is a strange form of dinner-time torture, we'd all be a lot healthier if we followed this advice. Eating green vegetables, and other green foods like avocado and spirulina, is one of the healthiest diet choices you can make.

1) Antioxidant Power

Antioxidants are substances that prevent or delay some types of cell damage. And it's much better to get them from your foods than through supplements. Usually, when people talk about antioxidants the first foods they bring up are dark-colored fruits like berries and pomegranates. But green vegetables are packed full of antioxidants too. Broccoli, spinach, and spirulina are particularly good sources.

2) Vitamin Rich

Greens are packed full of essential vitamins and nutrients. Leafy greens like fresh spinach and kale are full of iron, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin K. The green algae spirulina is one of the most nutrient-dense superfoods on the planet, containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, B12, and K as well as iron, magnesium, manganese, folic acid, phosphorus, calcium, chromium, and molybdenum. And other green vegetables have similar benefits.

3) Alkalizing Effect

Eating foods that have an alkalizing effect helps keep your body's pH levels stable. And stabilizing your pH helps fight diseases including hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, low bone density, and even cancer. Fresh leafy greens, vegetables, fruits, and unprocessed plant proteins are among the best sources of alkalizing foods.

4) Mighty Fiber

Most green foods contain complex carbohydrates and are high in fiber. These types of carbs help keep you feeling full for longer after you eat. Plus, they are much healthier for your body than simple or refined carbs. And the fiber will help improve your digestion, detox the body, and fight inflammation.

5) Better Health

All the benefits of eating greens come together to improve your overall health. Eating greens boosts your immunity, improves digestion, promotes weight loss, and helps regulate cholesterol levels, blood sugar, and blood pressure. It's almost impossible to eat too many greens. And the more you incorporate a variety of green foods into your diet the better you're going to feel. Here at Crucial FOUR, we believe it's important to get as many of your nutrients as possible from clean, whole foods. There's no need to load up on vitamin supplements when you can get the nutrients you need from eating a variety of greens. And if you do want to supplement the greens you're getting with your meals, try a whole-food source like our spirulina powder.

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