mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex
mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex
mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex

mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 & K2 Complex


mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 Complex combines two fat-soluble vitamins with peppermint oil and organic olive oil to optimize nutrient delivery and absorption and provide a refreshing taste. mVita-D3 Vitamin D3 Complex has over 250 servings per BOTTLE. Vitamin D plays a vital role in bone strength, immunity, fighting inflammation, and supporting the strength and quality of muscles. Vitamin K is also important for bone health and heart health. Both vitamins D and K play crucial roles in the proper absorption and utilization of calcium in the body. With over half of the population insufficient or deficient in Vitamin D, this formula is a must for anyone looking to support overall health.

Bone strength
Cardiovascular absorption
Improved calcium utilization
Immune function
Muscle quality

Why Does Vitamin D Need Vitamin K?

Taking vitamin K with along with D is very important. Taking large amounts of vitamin D without getting the necessary amounts of K in your diet or from supplements can actually be detrimental to your health. Vitamin D is crucial for absorbing calcium into the body, but it is K that is responsible for making sure that calcium gets stored in the bones once it has been absorbed, not in soft tissues like arteries where it can build up and cause serious health issues like cardiovascular disease.

Our Solution to Your Vitamin D Needs

Crucial FOUR’s mVita-D3 D3-K2 offers a great tasting and easy solution for supplementation. D3-K2 provides over 1,000% of the recommended intake and includes vitamin K2 to ensure optimal absorption of calcium, which supports strong bones, neurological health, immune function, and cardiovascular health. Our vitamin K2 is the MK-7 form, which is the form of K2 that is naturally occurring and stays in the body longer than the synthetic MK-4 form. Our unique D3-K2 formula is made with organic olive oil and peppermint oil and includes shilajit, aloe vera, and goji berry extract, offering a better delivery system than other capsules and liquids you’ll find on the market.