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About Us

Our Core Beliefs

The Purest Wild and Organic Ingredients
We believe in the power of natural ingredients to support our bodies. We source our ingredients globally and combine them into our Meal Replacements & Shakes, Water Infusions, Oral Concentrates and Healthy Snacks that can become an important part of your diet.
The FOUR Systems of the Body
Our carefully selected ingredients and products target the needs of the four main systems of the body. Keeping these four systems in balance is crucial to your health and well-being. Crucial FOUR products support your Cardiovascular, Immune, Endocrine and Digestive systems.
The FOUR Pillars of Wellbeing
We know that achieving optimal health involves much more than just nutrition. Our body demands to move. It requires rest. It needs to be free from stress. That’s why our blog includes Fitness, Energy & Rest and Emotion to support your overall health goals.
Solutions For a Healthier You
Whatever your age or current level of health and fitness, Crucial FOUR solutions can help you achieve your specific goals. From seniors to performance athletes, busy professionals or even busier moms, better nutrition is central to your well being and we can help.