mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix

mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix

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mHydrate is the only hydration product that contains 100% organic functional ingredients that hydrate. We use real hydrating tart cherry and lemon juice. NO natural/"organic" flavors, 0 synthetic minerals from china, 0 preservatives like citric acid, 0 dead fruit powders and 0 fake sweeteners! Hydrate like never before, just add to water and stir or shake.

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  • Functional Ingredients


  • Mineral Dense


  • Electrolyte Rich


  • Low Glycemic


mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix
mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix
mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix
mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix
mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix
mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix

"Finally a hydration product that makes sense, thank you Crucial FOUR."

Paula S.

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mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix

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  • Optimal Hydration*
  • Energy*
  • Mineral Balance*
  • Recovery*


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mHydrate | Electrolyte Mix


Highest Quality Ingredients

Hydration like never before. Feel limitless with the highest quality sea salts (mSalt/mMinerals) organic fruit juice powders, and coconut nectar. Did you know that most fruit powders and nectars are dead and over processed, along with low quality raw materials? This is why everyone else uses flavorings! Dont be fooled by others packaging showing you fruits that aren't in the product. "Flavors" aren't functional and we do NOT need them! Feel limitless hydration with mHYDRATE!

Tested and Kid Approved

Looking for a hydration product that uses the best sea salts that are tested for heavy metals and microplastics? Looking for a hydration product your kids love? Look no further with mHydrate. Did you know our tart cherry juice powder and lemon juice powder is loaded with electrolytes and minerals? Our organic fruits go through a low temp drying process that is under 106 degrees. Our process was designed to protect the Chlorophyll and enzyme-rich juices, retaining the Enzymes, Flavonoids, Antioxidants, Proteins, volatile oils, and vibrant colors. Our process is gentle enough to keep the Chloroplast intact which makes mHydrate a one of a kind formulation.

How To Use mHydrate

Added to popsicles

Added To Juice Or Smoothies

Added To Water

Why Crucial FOUR?

Crucial FOUR is your bridge to achieving the long-desired full nutrition benefits.* It's supplementing you with the four missing food groups that Big Food & Big Pharma have been hiding from you for years.* The missing food groups are: Superior Herbs, Biotic Extracts, Functional Mushrooms & Minerals. We believe in better and more sustainable ways of achieving high daily performance, ways that rely on Mother Nature's richness of vitamins, minerals and proteins; not synthetic & potentially harmful lab formulations.

From Our Founder

Questions & Answers

Tested for heavy metals and microplastics
We test all of the ingredients for heavy metals and microplastics, unlike other companies who use cheap salt and natural flavors.
True Hydration
We use low temp undenatured organic fruit juices instead of "flavors" and the highest quality sea salts creating a hydration product like no other.
No Synthetic Minerals
We don't use fake/synthetic minerals from china that don't even absorb in our bodies. We believe nature left alone is in perfect balance and thats why we use hand harvested sea salts and organic fruit juices.
0 perservaitves
We dont use citric acid or other preservatives. Just salt and fruits with a dash of coconut nectar.
Shipping Options
We have a few options when you check out, however as we all know shipping services haven’t been the best ever lately.
Each serving only has 2 grams of low glycemic sugar from fruit and coconut nectar. These sugars come with minerals and vitamins.
Family Owned
Crucial FOUR is a family owned business that isn’t at the mercy of investors, we are a grass roots company supported by people like you.
Fourteen Years
We have been around for over 14 years, however we just started selling online a few years ago.