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The Global Food System
Is Broken

The Global Food System
Is Broken

88% of American adults are metabolically unhealthy, and health concerns are still on the rise.

The current food supply is loaded with chemicals and devoid of minerals. Refined carbohydrates and highly processed foods make rich, “Big Food” corporations richer while making us - the consumers - obese and deficient in essential micronutrients.

Are The Foods You Eat Putting Your Life In Danger?

Metabolic issues are the silent, global epidemic that puts about 50 million Americans at risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and sudden cardiac death. Crucial FOUR products feature the letter “m” in the beginning of their name - symbolizing their benefits for your metabolic balance.

It’s time to supercharge your metabolism and reclaim your health.

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mSalt | Icelandic Flake Salt

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mCollagen | Grass-Fed Collagen Peptides

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mDefense | Wild Camu Camu Powder


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Before I became a plant geneticist and soil scientist with over a decade of one-on-one experience, I struggled with chronic fatigue, weakened immune system and depression, which made me completely lose trust in our global food system.

Thankfully, I took back control over my health. I found what's crucial to improve our diets, and it is now my mission to share it with you.

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Charles Barber

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