Sprouted Black Rice 2oz
Sprouted Black Rice 2oz
Sprouted Black Rice 2oz
Sprouted Black Rice 2oz

Sprouted Black Rice 2oz



Scientific name: Oryza sativa

Crucial FOUR’s activated Sprouted Black Rice Powder is a one-of-a-kind functional food with a broad spectrum of uses.

The remarkable dietary balance of black rice makes it an antioxidant-rich whole food whose health benefits are only now being thoroughly researched and understood. University and other independent studies are currently in progress, and the results will be reported to you in amendments and additions to this section of the sprouted black rice product brief. The real test of its value is what it does for you. With advice from your physician, take your health destiny into your own hands. In our experience, most people who have begun to incorporate sprouted black rice powder into their daily diet enthusiastically continue to do so.

• Natural source of C3G (assisting weight management)

• Bran-complete (high fiber)

• Sprouted

• Fresh freeze-dried

• High Protein

• Highly Nutritional

• Low in sugar

• Low Glycemic

• Antioxidant-rich (all 7 Anthocyanin species)

Black Rice also referred to as Purple Rice and, in Thailand as “Mountain Rice” (Khao doi), is a dry- land rice, rich in anthocyanin antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and amino acids. It is the most nutritious variety of rice with higher nutritional values than either white or brown rice. Black rice is a whole grain which is gluten-free, cholesterol-free, low in fat, sugar, and salt yet high in fiber, anthocyanin antioxidants, Vitamins B and E, niacin, thiamin, magnesium, iron, zinc and phosphorous.

The Ultimate Functional Food:

The combination of attention to scientific detail with renewed reverence for correct cultural preparation has given life to the ultimate Functional Food. “Functional Food” is an industry category assigned to foods that deliver therapeutic levels of beneficial constituents in a convenient Whole Food form. Our product maintains consumer acceptance as a conventional food while providing extensive scientific research of its useful health values. Independent studies have shown positive results from Black rice in weight management, treating various forms of Inflammation, regulating blood and gut rehabilitation, and even certain types of cancer.

Category Management:

The Natural food industry, as well as mass-market, utilizes a system known as Category Management. Categories are created to designate shelf space for products that fit into specific dominant buying trends.

The hottest selling and most consistent categories, each of which applies to our bioactive sprouted black rice powder are as follows:

1. Gluten-Free
2. High Fiber
3. High ORAC (Antioxidant-rich) 4. Low Glycemic
5. Weight Management
6. Vegetarian
7. Vegan



As a food ingredient sprouted, black rice powder is highly soluble. Solubility ties into the taste as well as the ease in combining with other ingredients. Given a very low acid level, it mixes well with most ingredients. This high level of solubility is enhanced by our technology, which creates a porous, highly soluble particle structure. This porous particle structure combined with low acidity and a moderate metabolic rate makes our sprouted black rice powder an ingredient that mixes well into a wide range of formulations. Sprouted black rice has a pleasant taste, creating another positive factor supporting its use as a catalyst ingredient in formulations.

Crucial FOUR works with organically certified black rice co-ops, which are comprised of Hill Tribe farmers. An essential part of our corporate culture is to support these farming communities in their attempts to obtain a sustainable income.

Black Rice: the Emperor’s Rice

In ancient China, Black Rice was set-aside exclusively for Royalty. It was thought that it would extend their lives. In light of recent scientific studies on the anti-aging effects of antioxidants, it seems that this ancient knowledge was on the mark.

Production of Crucial FOUR’s Activated Sprouted Black Rice Powder

Black Rice Sprouts Equal To One Serving Sprouted Black Rice Powder

Organically Grown: Rice cultivation typically involves substantial use of chemicals. Wetland rice, grown in the same rice paddies over many years, depletes the soil to the point that considerable use of chemicals is required. In contrast, all of our mountain grown, dry-land black rice is organically grown.

F.D.A. Approved / G.M.P. Certified/ HALAL Approved: Our Factory is F.D.A. Approved, G.M.P. Certified and Halal Certified and is a food facility registered with the U.S.A. F.D.A. Our Sprouted Black Rice Powder product is approved by the Thai F.D.A. as well as Halal.

Soft-Milled: The standard milling of “cargo” rice (rice for export) requires that the rice germ and the vast majority of the kernel be removed. At the end of this milling process, most of the benefits have been removed; the anthocyanin antioxidants in the kernel, the fiber, and other beneficial ingredients are lost in the normal milling process. To make matters worse, some countries require that the milled rice be steamed before shipment. The exposure to extreme heat denatures the enzymes and diminishes the value of

thermo-sensitive vitamins that may have survived the milling process. This rice is mostly dead on arrival.

We work closely with its rice co-ops to “soft-mill” our black rice to our specifications. The rice germ is entirely left intact, and the kernel is included. The soft-milled black rice provides a dramatically higher quality product.


Our process respects traditional knowledge regarding the consumption of rice. By sprouting our black rice, we create an easily digestible food in its culturally correct form. Several top-selling books have been written on the “Paleolithic” theory explaining the benefits of eating sprouted foods. This theory has launched a popular long-lasting dietary trend around such products to the point of becoming a foundation for mainstream nutritionists.

Sprouts are one of nature’s most complete and nutritionally beneficial foods. Rice is designed by nature to remain dormant until it is fully mature, and the right growing conditions exist. This dormant stage is enforced by enzyme and nutrient inhibitors such as phytic acid. In the sprouting process, these inhibitors are neutralized, and the enzyme and nutrient profile improves dramatically. You get the power of sprouts in a stable form (dry powder).

Crucial FOUR has imported state-of-the-art commercial sprouting machinery. Computerized control boards allow us to adjust the speed and frequency of the rotation of the drums, adjust moisture levels, and regulate airflow to achieve safe sprouts.