Kick Start Bundle

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Start your New Year with solutions, not just resolutions! We are excited to launch the Kick Start Bundle to help you fast track your health goals with a powerful nutritional support system.

• mVita-D3 – Vitamin D3 Drops – (1 – .5 fl oz)

Great for the immune system during these cold months as well as supporting the strength of bones and muscles.

• mRejuvenate – Schizandra Power – (1 – 1 oz)

Supports Adrenal Function, Helping Us Deal with the Effects of Stress. Improves Liver Function & Digestive Health

mBreakfast – Organic Superfood Powder – (1 – 21 oz)

Start the year right with mBreakfast. Our mBreakfast is made to give you the nutrients you need to feel sustained throughout your busy day. Giving you beneficial gut nutrients and energy with no crash.

mDetox – Activated Coconut Charcoal – (1 – qty 90 caps)

Great for removing toxins from the body, especially after all the holiday drinking and junk food binges.

Save 15% when you purchase the bundle!

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