Calming Energy

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Charles Barber here, and I just wanted to shoot a little video recipe that I do. This is a tonic for stress. For me, I'm type A, and I just go, go, go, go, go. And I've noticed coffee for me, it kind of throws off my chi, my digestion, it makes my tongue

Matcha Green Tea Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Matcha Green Tea has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for over 5000 years. The legendary health benefits of matcha have been evaluated by modern science and thoroughly documented in many evidence – based scientific studies. Matcha Green Tea provides nourishing anti-oxidant protection at its best!

Gynostemma Tea Protective & Adaptogenic Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Gynostemma Tea nourishes and protects your body on every level! It’s known for promoting longevity, lowering cholesterol, aiding in weight control, and having powerful antioxidant properties. What up, guys? Charles Barber here. And imagine an herb that can help give you energy in the morning and

Blue Butterfly Nootropic Effects & Health Benefits

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Hi guys, Charles Barber here with Crucial FOUR. Today I'm excited to talk about a new product that we found. It's actually a flower, believe it or not. This stuff is amazing. I'm going to show you guys kind of how I use it

My thoughts on Holy Basil, Stress Support and Health

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To Learn More & Order - Click Here Stress is the number one killer in America. What's really interesting is that in Chinese Medicine, before they even address nutrition, they actually address stress, which would really just be a lifestyle, before they even start to apply certain nutritional suggestions. When we look at

The Many Benefits of American Ginseng

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Summary/Benefits: Energy Stress and Sleep Promotes neurocognative function, and memory Diabetes Strengthen the immune system Promotes male fertility Energy One of the biggest health and wellness concerns that we hear is lack of energy. Our mBody product is what I often recommend. While American Ginseng (AG) does not have as much of the