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Introducing the revolutionary mBreakfast Organic Meal Replacement Shake

We have innovated FOUR missing classes of food groups into a versatile and convenient Whole Food Meal Replacement Shake. Get the essential and missing nutrients you need everyday.

Energy, stress relief, immunity, and performance are critical for everyday life. Build your mind and body into balance for sustained energy that helps you thrive with Crucial Four’s mBreakfast. It contains 100% organic and wild sourced herbs, algaes, mushrooms, and biotic extracts.


Organic Fuel For Clean, Efficient & Sustained Energy

Organic Meal Replacement Shake | mBreakfast

mBreakfast, our flagship product, is an organic meal replacement shake that contains the 4 missing classes of foods. It has 100’s of missing nutrients like neurotransmitters, rare antioxidants, growth factors, prebiotics, alkaloids, saponins, beta glucans, and more! These key missing nutrients are needed to combat nutritional deficiencies and the toxicity of our modern diets and lifestyle.

You get the most nutrient dense bio-available whole food botanicals in their wild heirloom or organic forms. mBreakfast could even replace up to 6 supplements you may currently take. Our pure and pristine whole food botanicals are the #1 sources of essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and a missing nutrient compounds.

The development of our revolutionary whole foods meal replacement shakes started 10 years ago with a 5000 year old South American medicinal base formula, and 8 years of intensive wellness center practice with Medical Doctors and leading health experts. We now have the ultimate paleo meal replacement! This versatile and convenient powder can be blended into any beverage, baked or simply added to oats, yogurt or granola. Feel the difference that these essential 4 missing food groups can make in your life. Click the link below and get started right away.


The Crucial FOUR Difference

4 missing classes of foods: Superior herbs, biotic extracts, algaes, and medicinal mushrooms

Pure and pristine sources: Grown at high elevations, mineral rich volcanic soils, pristine glacial waters, wild heirloom or 100% organic

Nutrient dense whole food botanicals: #1 sources of bio-available essential vitamins, minerals, proteins and a whole class of missing nutrient compounds.

Key missing nutrients: like neurotransmitters, rare antioxidants, growth hormones, prebiotics, alkaloids, saponins, beta glucans, and more!

Combat nutritional deficiencies and toxicity: of our environments (pollution), modern diets (pesticides), and lifestyles (emotions)

Backed by history, science & medical doctors: 5000 years of recorded use within the South American, Chinese (TCM), and Ayurvedic (Indian) medicinal systems combined with 8 years of intensive wellness center practice along side Medical Doctors and leading health experts have validated the efficacy of our products. Numerous medical and scientific studies validate the health benefits of the key missing nutrients found in the 4 missing classes of foods.


Dominate your health concerns without playing guessing games, chasing quick-fix solutions, or paying through the nose for magic pills

Common health concerns supported by mBreakfast Meal Replacement Shake:

Stress, Sleep, Gut Health, Weight Loss, Adrenal, Immunity, Thyroid, Hormones, Food Sensitivities and Detoxification.


Breakfast Meal Replacement Shake can be used in various ways!

Smoothies & Shakes
100’s of different combinations can be customized to your needs

Mixes & Add To’s
Add to oats, granola, cereals, or your favorite yogurt

mBreakfast Recipes
Bliss Bar bites, Popsicles, Egg Cakes, Cookies

Organic Meal Replacement Shake Recipes

Original Crucial FOUR Recipe

3 tablespoons of mBreakfast
2 tablespoons of coconut oil, almond butter or half avocado
8 oz liquid gynostemma tea
1/4 cup any gluten free grain
(soaked buckwheat, oat groats, amarantha, quinoa, millet, wild rice)

Simple Instructions

Add Base Liquid
Add powders & mSweet
Shake or blend: enjoy!


Paleo On-the-Go Shake

1 individual packet of almond butter
3 tablespoons mBreakfast packet
8 oz coconut water

Simple Instructions

Mix in your favorite Shake Cup and enjoy!