Crucial FOUR exclusively utilizes wild harvested varieties of plants and herbs, pristine and pure in nutrient density. Crucial FOUR products are loaded with omega fats, proteins, dietary fiber, minerals, vitamins and enzymes to create optimal benefit for the four major systems of the body.

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Only The Purest Wild And Organic Ingredients

Pristine And Pure Nutrient Density



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Organic Mind-Body Fuel For Clean, Efficient, & Sustained Energy


Our Food system in America is broken, causing a metabolic epidemic!
Crucial FOUR has found FOUR missing food groups that are utilized throughout the FOUR season that nourish the Four major systems of the body. For less than FOUR dollars a day you can Support Healthy Immunity, Stress Relief, Energy, and Performance.


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“Crucial FOUR changed the way I looked at my body and what it is capable of. Crucial FOUR has me feeling better than when I played”

- Michael Finley,, Former NBA All-Star

“We have more energy, sleep better, less stress, and are feeling better than ever. We love Crucial FOUR!”

- Harry and Tiffany Davros
Crucial FOUR Testimonial

“Crucial FOUR’s products can be customized for my patients in order to create the personalized nutrition and wellness plans we pride ourselves on.”

- Dr. Anthony Lyssy,, Diamond Healthcare

“My wife and I are so fortunate that we have met Charles and I hope to pay it forward by telling everyone about how these products can change lives…literally. Can’t thank you enough.”

- Tom and Michelle Currier

“Crucial FOUR has been apart of my daily routine for 3 years now. Their dedication to finding the best ingredients makes the products increase longevity and the quality of your life.”

- Karla Armstrong

“Crucial FOUR has been life changing for not only myself, but the entire family. We are thankful for the products keeping us in such good health!”

- Uti Middleton